Pick Good Post Titles to Boost Your Blogging Profits

by WorkFromHome on December 2, 2011

The title is the first part of a blog post that people will see. Because peoples first impressions are so important, you need to get your blog titles right if you want to have a positive effect on your users. Not only are post titles important for your readers, but they are also really important for search engine optimization purposes. Here we’re going to show you how to create good titles for your readers that the search engines will love so that you can rank well for important keywords while satisfying the users who read your blog.

Leave the User Wanting to Know

A good post title builds up to something and leaves the user wanting to see what the result is. The idea here is that your title should generate a certain level of curiosity in the reader by stirring interest. In turn, this will motivate them into reading the rest of the post. To make money blogging, you’ve got to have people clicking on your blog titles from search engine result pages, and the easiest way to do this is by creating interest with the titles of your posts.

Picking Title Keywords for Search Engine Optimization Purposes

Each blog post should focus on a single keyword that you have chosen from your research. The idea here is to try to rank for a specific keyword by using it once in your title and a few times in your blog post. By using this format, you can make sure that the search engines will know exactly what the post is talking about and you will drastically increase your chances of ranking for the term. Even though you’re using a specific keyword phrase in your title, remember to make it interesting to people as well. The mantra for this type of work is to write for the users and optimize for the search engines.

Examples of Common Title Formats That Work

If you read a lot of successful blogs, you’ll see a few titles rehashed over and over again. Two posts might even use similar titles when they are about completely different subjects. The reason that these title formats are used repeatedly is that they are good at getting people to click. For example, you’ll often see titles with a format like “Top Six Ways to Know if Your Man is Cheating” or “Eight Celebrities Who Wore Ugly Dresses in 2011.” These kinds of titles are great for making money online with a blog because they build interest and get people to click.

Split Testing Titles

A good learning experience is to join an articles directory and post two copies of the same article but with different titles. The idea is that you can come back after a week and see how many people have clicked on each article to read it. The number of people who have a chance to click each article will be similar over such a long period of time if you submit both articles at about the same time, so this type of experiment is great for learning what works and what doesn’t. People who want to work at home by operating a blog should do a lot of split testing like this as a part of their overall effort to get an advantage over the competition and make more money.

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