Part-Time Home Employment: 5 Reasons to Skip it and Go Full-Time

by WorkFromHome on October 16, 2011

It’s no secret that the vast majority of people are risk-averse and prefer to make sound decisions that have the least chance of negatively impacting their earning potential or reputation. Because of this, a good number of aspiring home business owners choose to start their enterprises on a part-time basis, working after they get home from their traditional job and slowly easing themselves into the routine of doing their own work on their own schedule.

From the outside, this appears to be an ideal option: an easy transition to self-employment, supplemental income during the tradition period, and “paid training” that essentially allows a business owner to learn on the job while still earning income. But there are several reasons why beginning a work from home business on a part-time basis is not the best option to pursue and may handicap the aspiring business owner.

  1. The business may not be part-time in nature:
    It’s all well and good to commit to a part-time home business, but the simple fact is that many business require a full-time level of work. In fact, most people who own successful online businesses work weeks that far exceed the typical 40 hour workweek. Most of them don’t even take weekends off, at least not at first. In a world where that’s the norm, it’s easy to see the pitfalls for part-time business owners: work being completed late, or not being completed in time at all; a lack of timely communications with clients; and a tendency to avoid larger products that require greater commitments of time.
  2. Distractions will affect the quality and timeliness of work:
    On top of not having enough time on a typical day, part-time business owners face the very real prospect of office politics, overtime, or other factors distracting them from their home enterprise. When work from the office has to be brought home and completed of the next day, a self-owned business suffers and clients will be slow to forgive these kinds of delays or setbacks. First impressions matter, and business is largely about reputation. When splitting time between many ventures, both of these things suffer — and so does the home business.
  3. Conflicting priorities means that one job will always suffer:
    It’s a debate that many part-time business owners face on a daily basis: they can either dedicate a larger amount of time to their home business, and risk the ire of their boss when their quality of work slips at the office, or they can dedicate more time to their traditional job and risk the ire of customers when work is submitted late or at a lower quality level than should be acceptable. It’s important to ensure the success of a home business, which is the owner’s future income, but not risk getting terminated from an existing job, which is an essential source of current income. These stresses cause many to get out of home business entirely, and that’s simply not necessary.
  4. There are still only 24 hours in a day:
    The problem with committing to both a full-time and part-time job is that they take away from the rest of the day. What was once relaxation time with family or friends has become an extended work day that involves meeting new clients and working on projects and deadlines. What was once a nice period of time to forget the office has become the block of time dedicated to establishing a home office. It can fatigue many part-time home business owners and their quality of work will suffer as their mind becomes increasing taxed and tired.
  5. A jack of all trades, it is said, is a master of none:
    In an effort to resolve the conflicting priorities in list item number 3 above, many home business owners will spread themselves too thin and turn in sub-par work at both jobs. Instead of ensuring success of the most solid opportunity they have, they effectively reduce their chances of success both at the office and at home. That’s a recipe for disaster, stress, and defeat — and it’s a recipe that simply does not ever have to be tried when pursuing these opportunities on a full-time basis.

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