Part-Time Home Business Ideas That Make Extra Income

by WorkFromHome on December 1, 2011

Even before the recent economic downturn, it was hard to find someone who would reject an opportunity to make a bit of extra money each month. But as wages have stagnated or gone down, as unemployment rates have gone up, many people are now actively seeking a way to produce extra income on a weekly or monthly basis in order to offset rising cost of living increases amid wages which aren’t keeping up the pace.

Below are some of the best ideas for home businesses that will generate a respectable amount of extra income while allowing you to “keep your day job” and make sure you’re financially sound for the long term, even in an economy as rough as the present one.

Put a Love of Music to Work as a Disc Jockey

It’s often said that the one thing which gets people through a tough time is a good song or a great album. Nowhere is this more true than for a growing market of part-time DJs who make their living during the day in an office, and behind a set of turntables (or, more accurately, computer screens) in bars and clubs at night. The great thing about pursuing a part-time career in DJing is that it largely only happens at night — traditionally after 9pm. That means there’s a meaningful gap between when a day job typically ends, around 5pm, and when a DJ gig begins a few hours later.

Furthermore, this type of business can be grown from a part-time, freelancing type of business to a more robust, self-owned business that may lend itself to full-time employment. Many DJs initially start out on a part-time basis and eventually grow their own entertainment and production companies over time. This is one of the great ways to put an economic downturn to use: turn it into a lucrative business opportunity and upend the depressing employment statistics.

Turn a Love of Parties into a Party Planning Business

There’s nothing better than a well-planned party. If history is any indicator, we’ve likely all been to our share of poorly planned parties that were more boring than entertaining, and had us searching for a reason — any reason — to excuse ourselves and head home. Home might be boring, too, but at least it’s the kind of boring where you don’t have to pretend it’s exciting.

A good party planner make sure that this unfortunate series of events never occurs. They’re adept at turning any event, or any theme, into a good time. They’ve been to bad parties, they’ve been to good parties, and they know what to do to ensure your next get-together isn’t a lame one that sends all of your friends home before dessert.

If you know a thing or two about coordinating events, or if you just have the sort of social skills and networking talent that makes you a natural at planning things of any size, this is the perfect part-time home business idea for you. You’ll largely work from home as you call and email clients about their ideas and how you can make them shine. And when it’s party time, your presence will only be required in the evening. That allows for a nice, relaxing break between a day job and the party in question, and it means you won’t run yourself low on energy in the pursuit of a little extra income.

Like Weddings? Like Photography? Become a Wedding Photographer

Those who have pursued a hobby in photography are perfectly suited to taking snapshots at a wedding. First and foremost, this part time job opportunity only really requires one or two days of work outside the home each week: weddings are generally only held on Saturdays, with some rare ones held on Sundays. And after the work of taking photographs is finished, you’ll head home to retouch those images on your own computer or with your own tools. Everything can be done from home and does not require studio space or lots of heavy equipment.

Best of all, you’ll be able to provide quick turnaround on your wedding photographs that will help boost your part-time venture’s reputation; you may also be able to turn this part-time business into a much broader photography outfit as time goes on and word spreads about your great results and timeliness.

Earn Extra Income Now

Now that you’ve gotten a few ideas in your mind, it’s time to start turning them into real, income-generating businesses that can help you shore up your finances even during this tough economy. Time — and bills — waits for no man, so make sure to get started as soon as possible!

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