Online Tutoring- The Newest Trend In Work From Home Businesses

by WorkFromHome on October 23, 2011

Online tutoring has quickly become one of the hottest trends in the work-at-home industry. The ability of student’s from all backgrounds and age groups to receive personalized tutoring via the Internet is attractive to both student and parent. Older students prefer the anonymity of using an online tutor, while the parents of younger students feel safer having their children work with someone at a distance.

Who Can Become An Online Tutor?

Anyone can be an online tutor. If you are good at a subject, any subject, you can offer your services. Of course, you should disclose your own professional and educational background so that your clients know your credentials.

Does this mean that if you do not hold a degree you cannot tutor? Absolutely not. Someone requiring help with learning 4th grade English will not require a PhD to teach them synonyms. To be a tutor you must be knowledgeable and current about a subject.

What Do You Need To Become A Tutor?

The first thing that you should do is establish a personal website that lists your services, rates, and credentials. This will be the starting place for many of your clients. Even if you have met your potential client in person, they will verify your business on the Internet, that is just the way business is now conducted.

Once you have established your website, you will need to make sure that you have all the supplies you need which include:

  • A computer with high speed Internet connection
  • Skype or other form of video conferencing capabilities

Most people that offer tutoring do so through video-conferencing. While some email correspondence does occur, you will generate more business if the student can see you and talk face-to-face.

How Do You Promote Online Tutoring?

When you are promoting your business you must promote it both online and offline. To promote the business online the first place you should start is the social networks.

Joining a social network forum that is dedicated to your profession or subject matter will allow you to interact with people that will need your services. It is a very effective way to connect with people around the world, and often these interactions lead to jobs.

You should also use blogging as a way to generate business. You can actively participate on blogs about tutoring or your subject matter or you can create your own blog. The great thing about creating your own blog is that you can monetize the site with advertising and create a second income for yourself.

You can also start a pay-per-click advertising campaign. These campaigns will place you at the head of any Internet search that is conducted using your keywords. However, depending on the subject matter, pay-per-click can become expensive. You will have to determine if your budget allows this type of advertising.

To promote your business offline you should begin at the very obvious places. Visait local schools, colleges and community centers and place advertisements for your services. Go to the library and use their bulletin board to promote your service. Run little ads in local newspapers and private newsletters in the area.

You should also set up informational booths at community fairs and other community sponsored events. Participate in B2B forums in your area, join business networking groups and perform acts of charity. The more you are recognized in your community, the more business you will generate.

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