Online Tutoring Creates Super Students

by WorkFromHome on December 10, 2011

Students that receive individualized tutoring for any subject will eventually excel at that subject. This is a proven fact, and one of the reasons that even exceptional students will seek out tutors so that they can continue to have the edge on their studies. However, it is all too often the case that students do not have access to this type of tutoring due to time or location constraints.

The Internet has corrected this problem.

Online tutoring has become one of the leading home-based businesses emanating from the Internet because it provides students from all backgrounds and locations the ability to excel. Tutors offering help for any subject, from grade school to PhD level, can be found online. The trend continues to grow as more people discover this hidden treasure.

The benefits of using an online tutor are many. They include:

  • Ability for students to have one-on-one time with a tutor who will address their specific needs
  • The ability to reach the best tutor for that subject matter, regardless of distance
  • Scheduling can meet both the tutor and the students requirements
  • Younger students can learn in the security of their home

Why Tutoring Works

Tutoring is so effective because it is teaching that is conducted on a personal level. In a classroom, teachers must teach to the masses, often being forced to overlook individual questions or needs. Students that require more individualized attention to excel are often left behind because they cannot interact with the teacher.

Tutoring, however, provides them with that individualized teaching. Questions that the student could not ask in school can be freely asked and explained through an online tutor. If the student needs additional help understanding the subject matter, they can simply keep reviewing until the tutor has helped them understand the subject completely.

Do You Have To Have To Hold A Teaching Certificate To Offer Online Tutoring Services?

There are no regulations that require you to hold a teaching certificate, or any degree, to offer online tutoring services. You should, however, disclose up front your experience and educational background to your potential clients. It is fraud to represent yourself as a teacher if you are not one.

Many people without teaching degrees are making a lucrative living online as a tutor. You can tutor in any subject matter or at any level. If you feel you have an aptitude for college calculus or 1st grade spelling, you can offer your services as a tutor.

What Do Online Tutors Make Per Hour?

What you can charge for your services will depend on many things. Before setting your rates you must consider:

  • Your experience as a tutor.
  • Your educational and professional background
  • The subject you are teaching. Specialty subjects will be able to charge higher rates
  • The going rates other tutors are charging in your area and online.
  • The amount of time each of your sessions will last.

As you become more experienced and build a clientele, you will be able to increase your rates. Many tutors have found that it is easier for them to start this profession part-time until they can become established and charge higher rates.

Don’t Forget About Foreign Students

The Internet has created a worldwide marketplace, and you should not limit your teaching skills only to your local area. Many children in other countries aspire to learn English, master science or learn about history. They are some of the largest users of online tutoring. College entrance is very competitive in some of these nations, and these students will use tutors to ensure they are one of the few that are selected.

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