New Ways to Make Money From Home

by WorkFromHome on January 7, 2012

Practically everyone can use some extra income, and computers offer lots of new ways to make money from home. Web-based opportunities are on the rise, making it is easier than ever for workers to stay at home and make money. If you know how to use a computer, you can earn cash for gas and groceries, a family vacation, or a financial emergency.

Working online is perfect for stay at home moms, seniors, students, the disabled, or anyone else who needs more money. New and creative ways to earn a living from home are constantly emerging across the web. The methods are low- or no-cost, and all you need to get started is an Internet connection and a little bit of ingenuity. Once you figure out what talents or skills you have to offer, your chances to make cash online are practically infinite.

Assess Your Skill Set

When launching an online enterprise, you have to have a realistic value proposition. You can’t just offer the same products and services that so many others are selling. If you want to make some real cash, you will have to find a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

Can you type faster than anyone you know? Do you have skills in accounting or debt collection? Are you a creative person who loves to plan parties or make homemade crafts? Maybe you are a computer geek with mad web development skills. Play on your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and do your best to be reliable and courteous to others. It will add value and character to your reputation, and give you more chances to earn extra income online.

Get the ball rolling and try some of these new ways to make money from home.

Freelancing: Sell Your Best Skills Online

Telecommuting jobs are commonplace today, and job boards for freelance workers are springing up across the web. Freelancing has never been more profitable. Web developers, graphic designers, content writers, mobile app makers, medical coders, transcriptionists, telemarketers and other freelancers have lots of new ways to make money from home.

A quick search for freelance work will yield a number of ways to market yourself and make some cash. Some are obvious scams, but legitimate prospects for freelance workers do exist. Use a bit of common sense before signing up for any freelance jobs.

Here are a few resources for freelance jobs online:

Be a Virtual Customer Service Agent

If you have a quiet space in your home and a predictable number of hours to work, you could be a virtual customer service rep. Online businesses are hiring stay-at-home workers who can handle consumer inquiries and complaints with aplomb. Polish your communication skills, establish a call center in your home, and apply to be a virtual customer service agent.

Resources for virtual customer service jobs:

Be Crafty and Make Money from Home

It can be so satisfying to make a thing of beauty, especially when you get paid to do it. Today’s Internet trumps the old-fashioned ways of selling homemade goods. If you are a talented artisan, jeweler, designer or crafter, you can find rewarding opportunities to sell your goods in the online arena.

The Internet has numerous selling platforms for selling unique designs and handmade items. Many sites offer useful web management software to help you keep track of inventory and customer data. Easy-up online boutiques and automated auction platforms make it a snap to market your designs to a targeted online audience and make money from home.

Here are three resources for selling your homemade designs online:

Online Journalist

Printed newspapers are losing favor to electronic publications, and telecommuting has become the norm for most journalists today. Stay at home workers with news-gathering talent can write for e-zines or digital newspapers and make a decent living. If you have a background in journalism, polish your resume and search online job boards like

Sell Your Photographs Online

If you have a talent for photography, you can make cash selling your photos online. Online selling platforms like allow you sell your digital photos for money. All sorts of businesses are looking for professional photographs with unique subject matter and marketable images. Let your creativity and imagination go wild, and take pleasure in selling your photos for cash.

Monetize Your Videos

Monetizing videos is another new way to work from home. Videos on YouTube can be configured with affiliate ads that send cash payments every time they are clicked or viewed. The trick is to convince massive numbers of users to watch your videos, and to share your videos with other users. Provided you can consistently produce videos that go viral, your online campaign can become almost a “set-and-forget” source of income.

Drop Shipping Makes It Easy to Sell Online

Easy-up websites make it easy to get started in ecommerce, and drop shipping is a logical extension of the genre. Instead of stocking a handful of products to sell from home, sign up with a reputable drop shipping service. Not only do they stock far more items than any home businesses could, drop shippers do all the packing and shipping, as well as customer service. That is what makes drop shipping the simplest answer for launching a home-based business.

Some resources for drop shipping:

Make Money by Flipping Websites

If you want to flex your entrepreneurial muscles, you can flip websites and make money. The idea is to buy underdeveloped URLs, work hard to improve their value in the online marketplace, then resell the websites for a good profit. Flipping websites takes time, web expertise, and lots of patience, but there is potential for a good return on investment (ROI).

The ability to make money is what gives a website value, pure and simple. Monetization can come from direct sales of products or services, or from onsite advertising, or a combination of the two. The ultimate goal in flipping websites is to reach a level of profit that is measurable and significant. URLs that engage users and speak loudly to search engines will attract more targeted traffic and get the best ROI. If all of this sounds like gibberish, you might consider partnering with a web developer who is familiar with website reselling.

Here are a few sensible tips to make money flipping websites:

  • Invest heavily in SEO (search engine optimization) to funnel more users to your site
  • Monetize web pages with AdSense or other promotions to add resale value
  • Use comprehensive analytics to monitor conversions (product purchases or other desired actions), and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly
  • Be able to provide buyers with at least six month’s worth of data to prove your site’s profitability

Your Opinion Has Value

There is a new way for opinionated people to make some quick cash online. Qualified applicants can make a good hourly wage just for weighing in on legal cases. Online jury platforms like and Trial Practices provide testing grounds for attorneys to vet legal cases before going to court. Real people with real opinions can contribute to the advancement of the legal system and make $20 to $100 or more per case.

Joining an online jury pool may seem like a dream job, but there is a downside for jurors who value privacy. The jury applications are particularly invasive, and applicants are often required to share deeply intimate personal information. In addition to your home address and full name, you can be asked to reveal your age, income, education, health, criminal record, mental status, political and religious affiliations, and much more. If you have nothing to hide, though, being a juror online could be a profitable way to work at home.

Teach Online for Pay

Qualified educators can make extra money teaching online. Web-based education is a popular alternative to traditional schools, and the demand for online tutors and teachers is strong. Web platforms like are hiring online teachers for subjects of math, science, English and more. In addition, the industry offers a huge number of telecommuting positions for software engineers, programmers, and online school administrators.

If you have knowledge or abilities related to the field of education, dust off your vita and resume, and start earning money as an online teacher.

Make Money With Game Sites

Online gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and if you like playing games, you could make a few bucks, or much more. Virtual worlds like Second Life, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends are massive multiplayer games with cash prizes and enormous ecommerce potential for savvy gamers. Multi-player game sites often offer job opportunities for expert web developers and system administrators too.

Gaming sites like Pogo and Gamesville can also give players some cash-making opportunities. Online games can offer hefty incentives to keep players interested, including cash prizes and other valuable inducements. Although few people can actually make a living playing online games, it can be a fun way to make a little extra cash from home.


There are hundreds of ways to make money from home, and new online opportunities are cropping up every day. Technology doesn’t stand still and neither should you. Get plugged into the Internet and get acquainted with online enterprise. It won’t be long before you discover new ways to make money from home.

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