Networking Marketing and Residual Income Earnings

by WorkFromHome on November 12, 2011

American workers have been enduring the worst economy since the Great Depression for the past four years, and there are few signs that it will be improving in the near future. With such uncertainty, many people have resolved to tighten their budgets, spend less money, and look for alternative and additional sources of income. For many people, that involves a second job — often part-time — in order to fill in the gaps or beef up a savings account.

But residual income offers a different, and in many ways better, way to boost income without working nearly as hard or as often. Because residual income requires one-time work for a potential lifetime of profits and residual earnings, it’s easier to manage and guide toward success. Its earnings will keep coming even in a bad economy, and they’ll help ease the pain if a job is lost, a pay cut is required, or other unforeseen economic circumstances make life just a bit harder.

The Advantages of Network Marketing in Earning Residual Income

One of the best ways of earning residual income is by pursuing an opportunity known as “network marketing.” Also referred to as “multi-level marketing,” these residual income plans help a user earn profits on sales they directly make, as well as the sales made by anyone they refer to the marketing program. Typically, a person will earn a flat rate or a percentage of the purchases made by customers to their own store; if they refer friends who open their own respective stores, they will earn a somewhat smaller percentage of the sales their friends make.

That’s where networking market can really excel in making a sizable residual profit for its users: their funds come not only from their own success, but also from the success of all their friend, relatives, and other referrals who decided to take advantage of the same plan. And once the store is set up and customized, it requires very little thought, maintenance, or work. It virtually takes care of itself, as sales are made and new salespeople are referred and recruited.

How to Pick a Network Marketing Solution

When trying to decide between the many network marketing solutions available online — and the options are virtually limitless — there are a few important things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is impossible to “get rich quick” or “quit your job” by using these residual income solutions — at least at first. The initial profits that come from such a plan will initially be small as you introduce your store to your friends, family, and the wider internet user base. And they will only increase with a good amount of initial work, whether that’s promotion of the store, a unique design for its websites, or referral of your friends to the system.

Furthermore, any system which doesn’t offer some kind of reassurance — perhaps in the form of a money-back guarantee or a buy-back of any products that you may have to purchase up front — is most likely a scam. The popularity of these programs among people looking for extra money has only encouraged nefarious companies to set up online store fronts which serve only to rip off their clients and the people they refer.

And finally, be sure to pay attention to the terms of payment as it relates to any income you generate. Many companies have a minimum amount of income that must be earned before they’ll pay out a dollar of your earnings. You’ll want to be aware of this limitation, otherwise it may come as quite an unpleasant surprise when your bank account doesn’t reflect your network marketing earnings for your most recent pay period.

Start Sooner Rather than Later

Network marketing is a popular way of earning additional income, and its popularity is only increasing amid an economy that is forcing Americans to look for alternative forms of income. Getting into the game early assures that you’ll refer more of your friends, rather than having a friend refer you. Remember, these plans rely on your referrals to generate the maximum amount of money each pay period. The longer you wait, the more at-risk your earning potential becomes. And in an economy like this, minimizing risk is perhaps the best thing anyone can do.

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