Network Marketing: Why Should it Be Your Next Job?

by WorkFromHome on December 5, 2011

There are no shortage of non-traditional job opportunities out there. From franchise opportunities with multinational corporations, to the self-guided home office environment that promotes working alone, to small business start-up opportunities, America is bursting at the seams with ways to ditch the boss and make a healthy annual salary. So, amid all of these diverse and differing options for self-employment, why should you choose network marketing over the competition?

The reasons are many, but the ones below are by far the best reasons to consider network marketing as your source of self-employment income — be it part-time, full-time, supplemental, or primary income.

  1. Network marketing allows you to fire your boss
    It’s no secret that most people have a strong dislike for their boss at the office. America has never been a country that enjoyed respecting authority — be it king, queen, or office manager. And that’s where network marketing comes in: you’ll be working for a corporation, sure, but you won’t be answering to their every whim and they will not be standing over your shoulder to ensure that you complete a set list of tasks. Instead, they’ll take a more hands-off approach and essentially allow you to work from home and be your own boss. You’ll determine your workdays, your compensation levels, and how long you work each day. You’ll even decide whether you want to work on weekends — or take a three-day weekend. The boss is history.
  2. With network marketing, you can increase your income by bringing others into the fold
    With a typical small business, you have to make a large amount of annual profits in order to be able to hire even one employee. And you’ll be responsible for covering things like their employee healthcare plan, their dental coverage, their retirement savings account, and ensuring that their taxes are properly deducted. This is simply not the case with network marketing.

    First and foremost, you can spend the entirety of your network marketing career working alone if you so choose. But if you want help — and you want to increase how much you earn — you are free to bring friends or family members into the fold as part of your sales force. They’re not technically your employees, but you are the one who reaps the reward of their hard work. You’ll earn a little commission on every sale they make, as well as on every sale you make in the meantime. And if you get enough people to help you out with your multi-level marketing job, you can even earn a monthly cash bonus simply for expanding the company’s reach.

    Best of all, you won’t be responsible for any employee-related costs or headaches. You won’t have to cover healthcare, taxes, or retirement. You’ll simply have to provide motivation and marketing tools — and from there, it’s all about enjoying the extra boost to your monthly income.

  3. Pursuing a multi-level marketing job means you have flexibility for emergencies and illnesses
    At the office, you got a week of vacation each year and a few sick days — if you were lucky. If not, coming down with a bad cold meant that you either had to sacrifice your vacation that year or go into the office feeling like you might not make it out alive. Multi-level marketing companies don’t require 40-hour weeks, nor do they dispense sick time or vacation leave. Instead, they allow you to work whenever and however you want.

    That means you can work four ten-hour days and have a three day weekend, and it means you can stay at home and nurse your cold without sacrificing a day or two of your summer beach trip. You are essentially self-employed, and that means you will no longer have to sacrifice vacation time for earnings, or health for vacate time.

  4. No more asking for a raise
    Finally, perhaps the biggest perk of engaging in multi-level marketing is the fact that you will no longer be subject to grueling office evaluations and the sometimes-humbling experience of asking for a hard-earned raise. Instead, you’ll earn more if you worker harder and make more sales. You’ll earn less if you work less. There is no guesswork as to how much you’ll earn or how much of a raise you’ll get. You make a goal, you meet that goal, and you are compensated accordingly.

Network marketing truly is a wonderful way to work for yourself, enjoy the flexibility of making our own schedule, and enjoy unlimited earning potential that is directly tied to your level of ambition — not to politics or balance sheets.

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