Mystery Shopper Jobs Are A Scam – Right?

by WorkFromHome on December 4, 2011

It has become an urban legend that mystery shopping is a work-at-home scam. People have seen many advertisements over the last 50 years for this type of work from home job; most simply overlook the opportunity. People who do not know what mystery shopping is pass it off as a scam and move on. However, these misguided people may have passed up the opportunity of a lifetime.

What Is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is the act of sending in an anonymous shopper to use the services of an establishment and report their findings to the corporate office. It is a very basic way for companies to gauge how their business is doing in the “real” world.

Upper management has realized over the last half-century that reports from lower management and employee feedback does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the public. Since the public, also known as their customer base, is what can make or break their company, management wants to know what the consumer thinks about their product or service first-hand.

Companies offer mystery shopper jobs to consumers to get them to go into their businesses, perform a transaction, and report their findings directly to management. In return for this service, the company will pay you a fee for performing the service and reimburse you for any purchase that was made. Some companies have also started reimbursing for mileage and other related expenses. In the end, the mystery shopper is paid for making a transaction and they keep the merchandise as a bonus.

What Types Of Companies Use Mystery Shoppers?

Any company that provides a service or sells a product uses mystery shoppers. A few of the more common examples include:

  • Fast food restaurants. These restaurants want to know if they are performing quickly, if condiments are being distributed and if service is polite. Some may request a mystery shopper to verify if promotions are being offered.
  • Fine dining. Many up-scale restaurants want to ensure that their reputations are staying intact. To do so, they will send in mystery shoppers to rate the experience as well as the quality of food.
  • Retail establishments. Retail outlets are the largest user of mystery shoppers. They use this to gauge performance and service.
  • Help desks. Companies that provide help services to the public want to make sure that their service providers are actually “helping.” These jobs can be done in your home by making a single phone call.
  • Service industry. Companies that provide services like plumbing, air conditioning repair, or carpet cleaning are the second largest users of mystery shoppers. Companies that provide on-site services need to ensure their contractors are top-of-the-line because bad word-of-mouth advertising can ruin their business.

Is Mystery Shopping A Part Time Job Or Can It Be A Career?

When you decide to become a mystery shopper, you can decide how much, or how little, you wish to work. There are countless opportunities that arise each day in this industry, and the potential to work full-time is there.

It is always advisable to join more than one mystery shopping group. This will enable you to view different assignments each day. Different companies will service different industries allowing you to make money in a variety of ways. With proper scheduling, you can easily complete several tasks a day. The more tasks you complete, the more you will earn and the more free merchandise and services you will receive.

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