You chose a work from home job that allows you to use your skills and talents. After a few months or even a few days, you find yourself struggling to maintain momentum. Lack of new ideas, a difficult client, or a slow economy may sap your energy to make money. To increase motivation, rediscover your passions and find reasons to work from home every day.

New ideas

Every piece of jewelry you design looks the same. Every fitness class you teach includes the same exercises. Your clients desire a fresh approach, but you fall deeper into a rut. Step out of the hole and motivate yourself with new ideas. Browse a competitor’s website. Subscribe to a trade magazine. Watch people at the mall. Walk through the park. Shop department stores for current trends. Take a class online, at a technical school, or at the local recreational center. Look outside of your home for a new perspective, and find new ideas for your business products and services.

Challenging Projects

Your next order challenges your professional skills. The seven-tiered wedding cake with detailed designs or 2,000-page scientific textbook to proofread tempts you to procrastinate and avoid work. Rather than allowing large, challenging projects to intimidate you, find motivation by starting small. Cut each project into manageable slices. Consistently work on the project each day. Walk away before you reach your boiling point. After a few day of taking small steps, you see the project nearing completion. This fact motivates you to keep going until the project concludes. Additionally, exercise gratitude for the project, the income, and the professional advancement. Thinking positively about the challenging project encourages you to persevere.


You offer your best effort to each client in order to maintain a positive reputation in your community and increase positive word of mouth advertising. Your client base appreciates your work and talent. For the most part, you maintain professional and amicable relationships with each client.

However, one difficult client can steal your motivation. To prevent breakdowns in client relations, sign a contract with each client, if applicable. A contract protects the client’s rights to receive services for which they pay, and you receive payment for the services you provide. Require money in advance of starting each project to cover your out of pocket expenses. Insist on receiving the full payment amount before you deliver the final product.

Do not give a client permission to steal your joy and enthusiasm for your work from home job. Give yourself permission to say no to unreasonable requests or last minute changes. Communicate regularly with clients to ensure your work meets their needs. Maintain firm office hours to prevent a client from calling during your personal or family time. Evaluate the need to sever the relationship if you find the stress level remains too high for your comfort.


When money flows into your account, you feel motivated to work and make money. When the economy slows down, you may feel discouraged. You try to sell your product, but limited finances prevent clients from buying and prevent you from spending money to attract new clients.

Slow financial seasons provide excellent motivators to reach out in new directions. Take this time to analyze your products and services. Cut unnecessary and unsuccessful products. Develop a new product or service. Evaluate your image and brand. Change your pricing to remain competitive and affordable. Hit the pavement and sell yourself to your neighbors and community. Use slow financial seasons to benefit your business and make money by working at home.


Project deadlines motivate most workers to work. If you thrive on procrastination and do your best work at the last minute, an emergency could throw you off schedule, cause you to miss deadlines, and ruin your reputation. Use project deadlines as motivators. Plan for everything to go wrong, and be prepared with an emergency plan. Reward yourself with a special treat for finishing a project before the deadline.

Motivate yourself through challenging situations by using the challenges to make your business stronger. Stay focused on your business goals, and be motivated to perform your best for success working from home.

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