Making Money from Home While Avoiding Costly Scams

by WorkFromHome on November 7, 2011

Online scammers will take advantage of just about anyone, and anything. After a famous person dies, a whole raft of new viruses circulates online which preys on sympathy to make a quick buck and steal some important data from those who fall for the scam. And when a new trend pops up — a new way to earn money from home, a new way to save on purchases — you can count on scammers to take advantage of those opportunities as well.

So, how do you effectively pursue a great way of making money from home without being taken advantage of and actually losing money in the process? There are a few basic steps to follow — mostly involve diligence and research — to ensure that your money, and your integrity, survive intact.

  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau
  2. Companies based in the United States, if they are reputable, are all registered with the Better Business Bureau. This agency is responsible for tracking any incidents that might arise with each company, and it relies on the feedback of those who have engaged with the company in the past. It’s easy to search for a company using the agency’s online website, and you’ll get a quick summary on any disputes, legal action, or recurring problems that have occurred with the company of your choice.

    Because the Better Business Bureau’s website is, by far, the most vast resource of company information online, this should be the first resource to check when deciding between a number of ways to make money from home. And if a company isn’t listed, it’s time to start asking them questions: why aren’t you listed? Were you previously listed? Have you had issues in the past?

  3. If it’s Too Good to be True…
  4. That old saying never fails: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. This is the case with just about every home business opportunity that allows you to make money from home. If you notice that the website of your chosen opportunity is full of outlandish claims, it’s time to step back and ask yourself if those claims are really possible. Can you really make $150,000 per year proofreading papers? Probably not. Can you really trust a company that says this is possible? The answer is likely “no.”

    A reputable company certainly advertises what makes their business stand out as a potential success story for new clients, but they also make sure to advertise other things: money-back guarantees, buy-back offers, and other policies that help to protect your initial investment. While it’d certainly be nice if those outlandish claims were true, the simple fact is that they are more often red flags than golden opportunities.

  5. Ask Questions Until You’ve Got None Left to Ask
  6. There’s no shame in asking questions — lots of questions — until you are fully satisfied with the answers you’ve received. A reputable way to make money from home will be more than happy to answer your questions and they’ll talk with you until you’re ready to commit. They’ll value your business — and the integrity of their relationship with you — just as highly as you value the opportunity they’ve presented. If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten adequate answers to your questions, and asking them over and over doesn’t seem to help, you need to be cautious and a little worried.

    A company that dismisses your concerns or fails to address them in the beginning will not result in a healthy, or profitable, relationship as time goes forward. And it’s likely that they’re not answering your questions because they know the answers are not what you want to hear.

  7. Look for Sourced Testimonials
  8. It’s always good to look for testimonials when researching a way to make money from home, but just any testimonial will not provide the kind of security and peace of mind that you’ll need to acquire before choosing the right earnings opportunity. Testimonials need to be sourced to real customers — not “a customer in Las Vegas” or “satisfied customer.” If you don’t have a name, a picture, and a method of contact for each testimonial, it’s safe to assume that a marketing company is responsible for the glowing reviews you’re reading.

    And, if a company needs to hire people to write glowing reviews of their service, it’s likely that no real customer was willing to give them the kind of praise they required for their website. And that should raise real concerns about their reputation, ethics, and the way they treat those they employ and promise to pay.

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