Making a Profit at Home During a Deep Economic Crisis

by WorkFromHome on December 16, 2011

Home businesses have been viable for quite some time, even stretching back a few decades into the 20th century. But despite their availability, they have never been as popular as they currently are. Home businesses have caught fire in the past half-decade as more and more Americans are finding it impossible to get a raise at work, while others are finding it impossible to stay employed during the worst economy in 80 years. Still others have turned to home business ownership as the only way to regain employment after a tough layoff amid nearly 10 percent unemployment.

With all of these dark economic clouds, there are a few home business ideas that stand above the rest as viable alternatives to traditional employment, or state-paid unemployment, or a dead-end job tied to a stagnant annual salary.

Become a Virtual Assistant

It’s far easier for a large company to hire a virtual assistant than it is for them to hire a traditional administrative or executive assistant. This is because a virtual assistant is considered an independent contractor or a freelancer, meaning the hiring company does not have to pay for retirement benefits, health care benefits, or an employee pension. That saves them a serious amount of money each time they pay their virtual employees, but gives them more than enough financial leeway to pay these people a respectable, living wage.

Virtual assistants do just about everything a typical administrative assistant would do, but they do it from home. They’re responsible for setting up appointments, calling clients and customers, printing and faxing documents, maintaining the company’s books, communicating with management and executives about changes to their schedules, and many other tasks performed on a daily basis in an office. They’ll require a solid home office setup with all of the right tools: phones, computers, printers, scanners, and faxes.

Home Staging as a Source of Income

Another great way to either earn extra income, or generate a healthy annual salary, is to participate in the increasingly popular art of staging a home. America’s economic downturn has meant more and more foreclosures; conversely, it has meant that many people are now pursuing these foreclosures as home purchasing options. These homes are typically far cheaper than non-foreclosures, but they still must be made to look like their more expensive counterparts.

That’s where a home staging professional comes in: they install furniture, rugs, accessories, lighting, and accents that show off a home’s appeal and persuade consumers to purchase. And this business can be operated from home for much of the time, except for when the actual staging is taking place. They’ll collect a handsome per-home salary while developing real estate and interior design contacts that may be quite useful when the economy recovers.

Internet Marketing is a Burgeoning Business

One of the main problems facing marketing professionals is that their field is very over saturated. Marketing was among the most popular college majors for much of the past two decades, with many of those students going on to gain their MBA degrees and find a job helping companies market their extensive line of products. As the economy has forced companies to cut back their product lines, as well as their staff, the marketing profession has seen its unemployment rate skyrocket.

The good news is that these professionals can now work from home in what is known as “internet marketing.” They will put their skills to work as they independently contract with websites and online retailers and help them target their products and services to a desired demographic. The work is largely on a freelance basis, but it’s a great way to gain valuable experience even as the economy has been cruel to traditional marketing jobs. And when the economy does recover, these professionals will have a solid resumé booster on their hands that many of their competing applicants may not have realized was available to them.

eBay Trading Assistants Help Sales Get Made

It might seem like eBay is an entirely straightforward business opportunity and mode, but that would be an incorrect assumption. Many people still require the help of an assistant in order to list products, complete sales, and interact with customers. For this reason, there is quite high demand for so-called “eBay Trading Assistants” which help with each of these tasks. They work on a freelance basis, generally, and get paid per task. But these opportunities lend themselves to careers in sales, marketing, and many clerical positions which will help eBay Trading Assistants execute a quick comeback when the economy decides to swing back into positive territory.

Experience and Income: The Right Combination

Each of these jobs requires a certain professional know-how that only some people will be able to bring to the table. But that’s because each job opportunity is designed to keep growing a person’s set of skills and experiences even as the traditional job market continues to trod through dark days. And when the economy recovers, those people will find themselves at the top of a very large stack of resumés.

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