Make The Most Out Of Your People Skills Serving Senior Citizens

by WorkFromHome on February 19, 2012

As today’s baby boomer population continues to age, there are more and more senior citizens who will need qualified, versatile and, perhaps most important of all, personable service providers who can not only be relied upon to provide necessary services but also will be pleasant and easy to spend time with. Senior citizens need services ranging from concierge assistance for simple tasks like grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning and groceries to more personal tasks like providing in home medical care as they age. If you are a compassionate, knowledgeable and honest person, then you may be able to build a satisfying and profitable home based business serving this growing population of aging Americans.

Help Senior Citizens Stay Independent As A Concierge

In the high paced corporate world a concierge service is one of the many perks provided to important executives too busy to spend time picking up cartons of milk or even walking their own dogs. Concierge services which are targeted to senior citizens offer an expanded menu of services in order to allow their customers to continue to remain independent as long as possible. While your clients could move into assisted living housing they may prefer to remain in the homes that they have lived in for years or even decades. As they age, though, they may not be able to safely continue to cook for themselves or even drive. Your services allow them to keep their dignity and safety as they age in their homes. Some of these services include:

  • Caring for pets
  • Cooking or dropping off meals each day
  • Paying bills or handling other basic paperwork
  • Driving clients to and from medical and other appointments
  • Reminder services
  • Lifting heavy items
  • Organizing and cleaning garages, basements, attics, closets and other areas
  • Caring for pets
  • Providing fitness training in your clients’ homes
  • Mail delivery and pick up

Keep Senior Citizens On The Go With A Transportation Service

Allowing senior citizens to remain a part of their communities and families by providing transportation can be a segment of your concierge business or a wholly separate home based business. While many senior citizens are able to use public transportation or ask family members or friends for rides to and from medical appointments or to see friends, most senior citizens are unable to rely on these methods for regular transit.

As they age, they may be unable to safely use public transportation due to mental health concerns or disabilities. Even if a bus is accessible to disabled persons, if a senior citizen cannot walk to a bus stop form his or her home, then he or she will still need alternate transportation. The key to being the ideal driver for senior citizens is to making sure that you are able to be reliable and consistent when driving your clients. They are relying on you to be consistent and patient at all times, and, of course, to always be on time when arriving to pick them up and drop them off at their destinations.

Owning a home based senior transportation business can mean spending a great deal of time waiting in doctors’ waiting rooms or in your car for your clients. If your client is able to tell you when he or she will be ready to be picked up then you may be able to use that time to run errands, but if he or she cannot then you will be on call. Be ready to pass the time while you wait for your client without being annoyed if he or she takes longer than you expected.

Key Success Factors For Senior Focused Home Business Owners

Whenever you own a business focused on providing services to others, it is essential that you are able to consistently provide those services with a great attitude and an eye toward quality customer service. When you are considering a business serving senior citizens, however, being able to be patient, kind and competent at all times is even more important. Like children, your clients may be relying upon you to ensure their safety while you transport them to and from their doctors’ appointments or to administer their daily medicines. However, they are also counting on you to provide those services and others in such a manner that they are allowed to keep their dignity and independence as they age. This means continuing to treat them as adults, even if you are put in uncomfortable positions, such as trying to keep a client from hurting himself if he becomes confused.

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