Make Money with Creative Home Business Ideas

by WorkFromHome on September 26, 2011

Every great home business starts with a concept and an idea. To some people, the thought of starting a home business seems like an unattainable dream. They put off the idea of owning a business because they think it may be too difficult, time-consuming, or costly to implement. Some of the most creative and successful home businesses started with a passion or hobby and the desire to achieve financial freedom and independence. When you combine your passions with your skills, you have the secret key to home business success. Here are some creative home business ideas that are sure to make you tons of money.


Whether you love art, photography, or designer goods, a professional reseller can easily make a six-figure income by shopping for items in their area of expertise, snagging up bargains, and reselling them to the right market and people for a significant mark-up off of the purchase place. Most pickers frequently visit thrift stores, yard sales, and some even dumpster dive to find discarded treasures. Pickers typically start their days early by shopping at favorite stores when they first open, to ensure they get to the first pick of the available selections. Other pickers schedule yard sale days by scouring local newspapers and hitting up a series of yard or garage sales in a specific area of town. Often, wealthy and upscale neighborhoods are great places to scoop up discarded art, clothing, and unwanted items of value. Some discount stores often have overstock or seasonal items of value for next to nothing.

Once the items have been purchased or acquired, resellers list the items on online auction sites, classified advertisement sites, and sell them in their own galleries, boutiques, consignment shops, or studios at a significant mark-up. For very little time and effort, and reseller with a vast knowledge in a particular hobby or interest can easily make thousands of dollars off of the sale of just one picked item.

Organic Baker/Chef/Skincare/Makeup Creator

We live in a green society, these days. Environmental awareness and carbon neutral campaigns have opened our eyes to the toxins we subject ourselves to on a daily basis. Whether through the foods we eat or the products we choose to put on our bodies, people are becoming more self-aware and vowing to change their lifestyle to incorporate more organic ingredients and products. If you have a passion for gardening, baking, cooking, or beauty items, you can achieve immeasurable success as an organic product creator. Organic ingredients are free of synthetic materials, ingredients, and processed fillers.

Local boutiques, galleries, natural food stores, and even grocery store chains are great places to sell your creations. Of course, opening up a shop within your own home is another great way to make money. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the keys to success as a local home business owner. When you provide quality products that deliver at an affordable price, you can easily create a name for yourself in the industry and have unlimited potential for earnings.

Couponing Expert

Saving money has become a rite of passage for most in America today. Shaky economies, declining salaries, and increased unemployment has caused many to get back to basics and save as much money as possible. If you have been couponing for years, effortlessly save money on every purchase, and calculate every entertainment expense, you can do very well as a couponing expert. Local college campuses, public speaking conventions, and adult education facilities often hire money-management experts to give seminars or teach classes on how to save money. If you enjoy teaching and are not afraid of public speaking, this can be the perfect opportunity for you. Typically, you can structure the class or lecture as you see fit and generate enough income from one event to pay your bills for a month or more.

Virtually any hobby can be turned into a lucrative business if you believe in your success as a home business owner. The important thing to remember is that effective research and marketing, time, and patience are essential to your success. There are many free courses online that can teach you internet marketing, which can help your business grow outside the confines of your local area. You can reach international customers with a well-created website and implementing search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website.

Creative home businesses are unlike any other. They provide an in-demand service while experiencing very little, if any, competition locally or online. What this means is that your home business will stand out easier against other more traditional home businesses.

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