Make Money Selling on Auction Sites

by WorkFromHome on October 31, 2011

If you love to shop for bargains at garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops and the like, you can turn that hobby into a way to make money. If you have family heirlooms and antiques cluttering up your attic you can start to think of these things as money-making opportunities. With just a computer, online access, and a few things to sell, you can start making money with online auction sites.

These auction sites allow you to take old books, CDs, costumer jewelry, memorabilia, clothes and the like and to sell them to online buyers. With a little bit of effort, you are more likely to make good money selling your things online than you would at a typical garage sale or through the local newspaper.

When you are thinking of selling an item through auction sites, do a search on various auction sites and compare the starting bid prices of items similar to the ones you’ll be selling. Check also to see if people are bidding on those items. This will give you a good idea of what the market will handle in regard to buying your treasures and at what price.

Risk Free Business Opportunity

  • Very little cost is needed to start. If you already have a computer and a few things to sell that are lying around your house, then there is no cost to you and only profit to be gained.
  • The auction websites are already set up and waiting for you to join them – at no cost. You do not need to worry about paying someone to set up your own website and you do not need to pay a fee to website host providers.
  • You can begin right away. There are no classes you need to pay for and it is simple to learn how to start.
  • Once you’re set up, the auction site will do the work and you can spend time doing other things. Unlike a storefront business, you do not need to hang around and spend your time selling.
  • Since starting out takes little of your time, you can try it out while keeping your regular day job. Once you see it working for you, you can then choose to devote more time to it and have it become your primary source of income, or you can spend only a small amount of time and just use it as a source of extra income.

Where to Find Items to Sell

Once you start making money on auction sites using what you already have to hand, you will soon want to add to your “stock” and become a larger seller. But where are the best places to find things to sell? You’ll want to keep your costs low and your profit margin high as well as keeping in mind the time you spend looking for merchandise and the storage you have available to keep the items until you can sell them.

  • Friends and family are excellent sources of goods. They may have items they feel are cluttering up their space or they have no more use for an item as children have grown up and left the household. For no cost or for a minimal price, they may be willing to let you have the items to resell.
  • Garage Sales are a fantastic way to find items to sell on auction sites. Most people who are organizing garage or yard sales are simply looking for ways to reduce the amount of things they have without throwing it away. By just spending a couple of days a week hunting at garage sales, you can find valuable items to auction off that will cost you very little money.
  • Stores with a discount section or who are having large sales or are going out of business can be an excellent place to find items to auction for profit.

Making money by selling on auction sites is an easy way to start out a career of making money online. You’ll learn quickly how things sell and will see how your profits can grow with the time and energy you invest in this money making venture.

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