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by WorkFromHome on December 15, 2011

In the information age, it’s not who you know, it’s what you know that counts. Millions of people make a living selling information products from home. An elite few will earn profits in the range of six figures every month. Knowing how to sell information on the web is a distinctive advantage that anyone can enjoy with the right facts.

What are Information Products?

Information products, quite simply, are resources that are developed from knowledge and sold on the web. Information products include blogs, eBooks, articles, fact-rich websites and other intellectual property. They can also include music, art and photography. Selling these products can bring in profits to complement another home based business, or they can be the essence of your business.


By far the most popular form of information product, blogs generate millions of dollars in annual revenue for their owners. The most popular blogs bring in millions of dollars every year. Most home based blog businesses don’t bring in these numbers, but there are plenty that allow their owners to make a full-time living managing them. The key to a successful blog business is to provide updated, fresh and useful content to your reader. This will bring you new visitors to your site every day. These visitors, or page views, determine how much your blog can generate in advertising revenue.

By regularly bringing new visitors to your blog to soak up your information, your blog will be a money-making machine, earning you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month in profits. Blogging is one of the best ways to generate income with information products online.

If your online work at home business sells a product or service, creating a blog is a great way to advertise and market your product while still providing your customer with useful information. Imbed links in your blog that will send your reader to your products for sale. Allow them to share the information on your blog with friends on their social networking sites, through email or with their mobile phones. Blogging is one of the most effective forms of gaining a profit through information products.

Creating and Selling eBooks

Writing an eBook for sale on the web is another great home based business idea. Work from home writing guides about topics of which you have firsthand knowledge. Interview a professional, create a step-by-step guide or write a fiction novel. While the content you choose for your eBook is important, the most critical factor in eBook success is the marketing and sales of your information product.

As with any other work from home business, your marketing techniques will determine the overall success of your enterprise. Online book selling sites will also carry your eBook if it meets certain requirements, driving up your profits and allowing you to make a living working from home. Creating and selling eBooks is a great way to earn a profit while providing your customers with information they want and need.

Selling Stock Photography

If you have an eye for photography, starting an online stock photography business may be right for you. Provide webmasters and copywriters with stock images that they can use for their websites and generate healthy profits for your business. As your business expands, you can sell photos from other photographers, giving them a percentage of your sales and keeping the rest as profit. You will have to do extensive marketing to enjoy a successful stock photography business as there are many stock photography companies on the Internet. Don’t be discouraged, however. Create a niche such as food products, children or animals and market to a small segment of the population for the highest profits.

Article Sites

Similar to blogging, creating article sites is a great way to make money working online. Create a site that provides information-rich articles that webmasters can use on their websites. Offer writers a link to their sites in exchange for the use of their articles. Fill your site with informational products and enjoy profits from your work from home business. In order to generate an income from your article site, you will need to generate high page views. Effective marketing, advertising and networking are the key to earning a healthy profit with this information product.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we gather and disseminate information. The web is a goldmine for anyone who wants to own a home based business selling information products. Although there is a lot of competition for information-based businesses, there are still many great uncharted avenues available to the enterprising entrepreneur. By providing a product that almost everyone on the web is looking for, you will be able to enjoy a healthy profit from a business that requires no expensive inventory, works twenty-four hours a day and never takes a sick day.

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