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In these difficult economic times, more and more people are looking to take control of their financial future and are turning to the Internet for ways to make money online to try to do so. Unfortunately, a lot of these people don’t see success because they have flawed business models. However, there is a general model that is more or less followed by everyone who successfully earns money online, no matter what the industry is. This model combines a communication tool with web traffic and a monetization method to generate some sort of income. Even if you are just looking for leads for a product or service that you want to provide in person, this model will still help you to get the job done. Here we’re going to break down the components of this model by looking at different choices you have each step of the way.

Choosing a Communication Method

The main two methods of communication for people who know how to make money online are email and a website. The point of choosing a communication method is to be able to relay a message to other users on the Internet since you can’t personally greet each one with a tailored message. The most profitable ventures tend to use a website as the primary mode of communication while using an electronic mailing list as a supplemental measure. Your website can include general information about a niche or industry, or it can feature a more direct and aggressive sales pitch.

Getting Visitors to a Website

If you decide to use a website as one of your methods of communication, then you’re going to have to figure out how to get visitors to actually see your page. Search engine optimization and pay per click advertising are the two most popular ways of going about this. Search engine optimization, known as SEO for short, involves setting things up on your website in a way that the search engines will give you a good ranking for keywords that will bring in high quality traffic. Pay per click is a little bit different and involves buying advertising space with a payment model based on a small fee for each visitor to your site. Both methods can be good, but SEO tends to be easier for beginners because it can be done with a much smaller investment upfront.

Filling Your Mailing List

Because of the spam laws in the United States, if you want to earn money online using an electronic mailing list, you’re going to have a lot of rules to follow. In general, people have to voluntarily give you their information and give you permission to email them. Among lots of other restrictions, you must also include a link in each email to a page that allows user to unsubscribe from your mailing list. The most common way to get people to join a mailing list is to give them some sort of incentive, like a free report that will interest or benefit them. The idea here is that you’ll be emailing them the report, so you’ll need their information if they want to receive it. This method works really well in conjunction with a website.

Monetizing With Advertising

One of the most generic and common ways of making money online involves pulling in web traffic and exposing the users to paid advertising. Once you get some volume in the web traffic department, you can start making propositions to companies that might be interested in paying directly for advertising spots on your website. However, until you get up to that point, you can always use contextual advertising services like Clicksor, Bidvertiser or Google AdSense. These services will pay you for each legitimate click on advertisements that they host on your website. Using contextual advertising is an easy way for people to start making money online.

Monetizing With Services

If you offer some service, either over the Internet or in person, you can build a website around that service that gets traffic for the purpose of generating leads to your business. For people who can already perform some sort of service, one of the easiest ways to earn money online is to use the Internet to generate new customers. This works really well for services that you’ll want to generate clients for locally since you can target keywords that include the city and state you’re operating from. So if you were a plumber from Miami, you could target keyword phrases that specifically include the word Miami to pull in local web traffic.

Monetizing by Selling Products and Services

A third way to make money from home online from Internet traffic is to sell products and services and earn a commission. Many products and services available on the Internet have what are called affiliate programs that allow you to promote whatever is being sold and gain a percentage of the profit from each transaction. This is called affiliate marketing and is a great place to get started if you are already skilled at selling.

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