Make Money from Home by Scoring a Work from Home Job

by WorkFromHome on September 26, 2011

The internet has afforded so many Americans the opportunity to work from home. These days, no matter what your schedule, lifestyle, interests, and qualifications, you can find the perfect work from home job that suits you. Making money from home by working for an established company is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get started. Depending upon the company and job, some receive annual salaries, paid vacation, bonuses, commissions, opportunities for advancement, prizes, gift cards, insurance and benefits, and even tuition assistance or reimbursement. There are many work from home job sectors that are growing rapidly and in dire need of qualified professionals. Here are a few of the most popular work from home job industries, information on how to apply, and where to find these in-demand jobs.

Customer Service Agents

Customer service agents are one of the most popular work from home jobs. A customer service agent acts as the face of any company. They may receive inbound calls, chats, or emails, or place outbound calls and emails. Some customer service agents sell products or services, while others process refunds, handle billing-related inquiries, or check insurance benefits. The duties and opportunities for a customer service agent are as varied as the companies that hire professionals to work from home. Some are large corporations and others are small businesses. Most companies offer paid training and pay for the necessary software and equipment needed to perform the duties of the job.

To be considered for employment, you usually need to have a reliable computer with up-to-date operating system, professional phone demeanor, ability to multitask and remain professional even under stressful situations, a landline phone, and high-speed internet. Most customer service agents are paid an hourly wage and adhere to a specific weekly schedule. Customer service jobs can be found on online job websites, classified ad sites, and are frequently posted on forums that cater to work from home professionals.

Freelance Writers

Among the highest paid in the work from home job sector are freelance writers. If you have a passion for writing, editing, writing stories or poems, have a strong command of the English language, a background in journalism or English, have excellent research skills, and type quickly, you can enjoy a lucrative career as a freelance writer. Although some writers like to exclusively promote their own work out in the market, there are many freestanding writing sites that cater to writers from virtually every background. These sites are commonly referred to as content generation or revenue sharing websites. They act as middle men between talented writers and keen website or business owners. Busy business professionals who do not enjoy writing can create an outline for a project, post it on a revenue sharing or content generation site, and qualified writers can elect to complete the project for an agreed-upon price.

Most writers are paid a per-word stipend of anywhere from .01 to $1.00 or more for major magazine or news publication articles. Content generating websites generally pay more per word than revenue sharing websites, but with content generating sites, you relinquish your rights to the work to the buyer; the article becomes their property. With most revenue sharing websites, the up-front commission may be considerably less, but you retain the rights to your work, gain exposure, and earn revenue for as long as the article is published online. Most freelance writers make money from both sources and also have several private clients and other steady writing projects. Writing work can go through dry spells. Having a large nest egg full of thriving clients ensures a steady stream of work. Freelance writing jobs can be found locally at college campuses. Additionally, many work from home forums feature an entire section dedicated to freelance writers. New jobs assignments and company listings are added virtually every day.

Data Entry Specialists

A data entry professional is responsible for transcribing audio or handwritten bits of information into typed text. Most data entry specialists type between 60 and 120 WPM and do not mind repetitive or mundane tasks. A well-rounded data entry specialist can earn a very competitive salary by incorporating medical or legal transcription and/or coding into their data entry practice. Many data entry specialists acquire clients locally by approaching local small businesses and offering their services. Others prefer to search online job boards for available projects.

Data entry is a competitive field. Checking your favorite job sites often will offer you the opportunity to be one of the first ones to apply to new listings. Beware of scammers, also. Anyone that asks you for money to cover a fee or any company that asks you for your financial information is almost always a scam artist.

Making money from home is easy when you find the perfect work from job that suits you.

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