Make Money From Home As A Homemaker

by WorkFromHome on October 27, 2011

You invest hours into your family and home as a homemaker. As an expert in your field, you deserve to make money from home practicing the crafts you have mastered. Make extra income from home as a homemaker by exploring several niche markets.

Cooking, Catering, and Baking

Busy families and single individuals appreciate home cooked meals. Research your family’s favorite recipes and the cost of each serving. Sell fresh or frozen meals to neighbors and community residents.

Market yourself by using vegan ingredients, gluten free products, or only local produce. Research foods your community enjoys such as grits or cheese. Incorporate local flavors and specialty food items.

Canning and freezing food utilizes fresh ingredients at the prime of ripeness. Purchase produce and vegetables at the farmer’s market or grow your own garden. Mix tasty salsa or vegetable soup to sell. Freeze jelly or smoothie mixes.

Offer cooking classes. Teach women, men, or kids how to mold your famous meatballs or mash fluffy potatoes. Share your tips for selecting meat cuts, cooking low-calorie comfort food, or preparing healing meals for ill patients.

Cater events. From birthday parties to corporate events, utilize your cooking skills to create masterpiece buffets or family style meals. Serve fancy hors d’oeuvres or delicate desserts.

If you enjoy baking dessert treats or decorating cakes, open a bakery. Use local ingredients for a community connection. Sell homemade cookies or cupcakes, decorate elaborate wedding or special occasion cakes, or create gourmet pet treats.


You expertly clean your home efficiently and thoroughly. Start a cleaning business to share your expertise with others. Create a market for yourself by using environmentally friendly products or specializing in stain removal. Purchase cleaning supplies at a wholesale store or bulk store to save money on start up costs.

Time or Money Management

Help people organize their homes or finances. Organize closets, clean out attics, pack and move clients, or offer retirement account reviews. Offer services specifically targeted to your community members’ needs. Offer to teach classes to local civic or mom’s groups. Start a blog or website dedicated to your specialty.

Personal Shopper or Chauffeur

Busy families, new moms, the elderly, and clients with physical limitations appreciate a thoughtful, experienced shopping assistant or driver. Make money at home by shopping for groceries, clothing, and household supplies or chauffeuring clients to doctor’s appointments.


Open a hair, nail, or massage salon. With your years of experience styling hair and painting nails, you can easily earn a certification to perform these services for the public. Offer specials for prom or wedding parties, and celebrate birthdays by offering glam parties.

Sewing and Alterations

Find a niche in your community for custom sewn clothing and accessories. Create custom fitted gowns from your home. Teach others how to sew. Sew doll clothing or embroider baby blankets. Sew purses or diaper bags.

Alter suits, dresses, and jackets. Rather than spend money to replace items, clients prefer to spend a few dollars to alter a favorite suit or expensive dress.


Turn your hobbies into a work from home business. Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, paper crafts, and painting remain viable small business ideas. Create unique items such as sports themed potholders, baby shoes, patriotic placemats, or flower pots. Open an online business for increased exposure and sales.

Gift Baskets

Personalized gifts make an impression one remembers for years to come. Offer to create thoughtful and beautiful gift baskets for any occasion. Ideas for gift baskets abound. Use your creativity and experience to create customized gift baskets for both genders and all ages and occasions.


Grow flowers for fresh bouquets or dry flowers for decorative arrangements. Provide flowers for weddings, funerals, holidays, and any day. Offer your landscaping and gardening skills to other homeowners.


Provide childcare services for infants and toddlers or after school children. Include educational lessons, nutritious snacks and meals, entertaining games, and supervised socialization experiences. Research and abide by your state’s childcare specifications.

Take advantage of your home’s resources when finding work from home jobs. Teach crafts, arts and crafts, swimming, or sports camps during the summer.

Involve Your Children

Your children assist you in making money from home while they learn skills for their future. Allow them to count money, wait on customers, or mix ingredients. Employ them to sweep your office floors, file paperwork, or prepare dinner for their siblings.


As with any business, be sure to obtain the necessary paperwork, licenses, certifications, and insurance from your state and local municipality. Protect your home and family’s resources while building your small business. Remember to maintain accurate financial records for tax purposes.

As an expert homemaker, capitalize on your skills and experience. Make money at home by performing tasks you do every day, and find your niche as a professional homemaker.

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