Maintain Good Health While Working From Home

by WorkFromHome on October 26, 2011

As you work from home, you focus on producing an exceptional product or making money. Remember to take time to invest in your health. Make a decision to value your physical and mental health to ensure maximum productivity, focus, and success. No one else can perform your job or care for your clients if you are ill. Utilize the following tips for optimum health and performance while working at home.

Purchase Medical Insurance

The cost of medical insurance inhibits many home business owners from obtaining adequate medical coverage. In the event of a medical disaster, you must protect your business and personal assets. Call your healthcare provider for recommendations of local clinics or programs that offer affordable health coverage. Check with your local trade organization, Chamber of Commerce, or religious community for insurance deals or cooperative programs. Ask your spouse to add you to his or her policy at work. At the very least, purchase a major medical policy with a high deductible to cover emergency room visits or hospitalization.

Participate in Preventative Care

To ensure the health of yourself, your family, and your clients, control germs and allergens in your home. Regularly disinfect doorknobs, cabinet pulls, telephones, remote controls, and keyboards. Circulate air throughout your home by opening windows for an hour every day, even in cold weather. Vacuum regularly, and dust furniture. Consult a holistic or health food store for a free consultation and vitamin suggestions for better health. Minor health issues quickly turn into major illnesses if not taken care of immediately. Follow up with a doctor’s visit if you experience an injury or prolonged illness.

Stand Straight

Proper posture enables your entire body to function correctly. To prevent back, neck, and wrist pain, position your work area for the maximum ergonomic benefit. Maintain a straight spine whether you sit or stand to work. Any position held for an extended time causes discomfort; therefore, take frequent breaks to stand up, walk around, or stretch. Employ proper lifting techniques when carrying boxes or other objects. Add strength training to your exercise regimen for a stronger body.

Choose a Healthy Diet

While working at home, make healthy food and beverage choices to increase energy, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent expensive doctor’s visits and sick days. Start the day with a hearty breakfast. Serve yourself protein, fruit, vegetables, whole grain, and dairy at each meal. Take time for nutritious snack breaks. Throughout the day, drink water to stay hydrated, feel full, and avoid unhealthy grazing.


Experts recommend 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day for physical and mental health. Achieve this goal by adding physical movement to your daily routine. Wear sneakers to work, and set the timer for movement breaks every 45 minutes. Scrub dishes, walk the dog, or stretch. Run in place or run to the mailbox. Walk up and down the stairs several times with laundry. Invest in a chair without rollers to force yourself to stand up and move when filing papers or working in your office. Make movement part of your day, and improve your ability to make money while working from home.

Go to Bed

Perhaps your innovative idea or latest project keeps you awake at night as you brainstorm or design the concept. Multiply your energy and workday focus by sleeping at least 8 restful hours every night. End office hours early to ensure adequate wind down time before bed. Relax with a warm bath or restful music. Avoid stimulating caffeine, alcohol, dramatic television, and vigorous exercise before bed. Invest in a supportive pillow, and ban pets from your bedroom. Create a calm, clean, quiet, and dark sleep environment. Maintain consistent bed and rise time for optimal sleep habits and maximum workday focus.

See Clearly

If your work involves staring at a computer screen or focusing on small details, you may experience frequent headaches, tired eyes, or poor vision. Avoid eyestrain by taking frequent breaks. Provide adequate lighting for your work area. Look away from the project to focus on something at a distance. Visit the eye doctor at least once every two years whether you wear corrective lenses or not.

Mental Health

Depression, discouragement, or isolation affects people who work at home. Protect yourself mentally by investing in your social life. Schedule dates with your spouse and supportive friends. Make time for hobbies and activities you enjoy. Talk to a therapist if you notice frequent struggles in these areas. Invest in yourself for improved mental health when you work at home.

Schedule healthy habits choices into your daily routine. Improved physical and mental health increases your focus and energy during the day. Make more money while working from home by ensuring you stay healthy and fit.

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