Job Tips for Stay at Home Moms

by WorkFromHome on January 5, 2012

Working from home has its good and bad points, and being a mom puts a whole different twist on it. Women with children may have less flexibility and fewer hours to spend on the job, but they often possess unique attributes that employers find valuable. Mothers have patience, sympathy, understanding, knowledge and advice to share with the world, and that adds up to more chances for moms to make money at home.

The key for working women has always been organization, especially moms who work from home. Household chores, school activities, and constant daily interruptions can easily deplete a mom’s productivity and energy levels. As a mom, it is hard to make extra income from home, but hardly impossible. You can stay focused and earn more money by getting organized.

Here are a few sensible job tips for stay at home moms.

Create a Functional Work Station

A house with young children can be noisy, cluttered and dirty, and that makes it hard to function professionally in the working world. While you cannot turn away completely from your motherly duties, you must establish a room or area of your home that is off limits to the rest of the family. Make it clear that your desk is your private work station, and exclusively for your use only.

Strive to create a professional work station that is as close to a professional office as possible. At minimum, you will likely need a home PC and a telephone to work at home. Depending on the particular type of work you do, you may also need a copy machine, scanner, digital recorder, video equipment, specialized software, or other gear.

Here are some tips for setting up an office space at home:

  • Rather than carving off a section of the dining room table, allow yourself a totally private desk space, even if it is just a folding card table. Never share your business space with the rest of the family.
  • When furnishing your at-home office, consider refurbished office equipment. Used chairs, desks, computers, copiers and other office furnishings can be much less expensive than new.
  • Rented office equipment is another low-priced start-up option, but renting for the long term can end up costing more.
  • Don’t let paper files stack up on your desk or around the house. Buy a file cabinet to keep your business papers organized and separate from household files.
  • Never allow your desk to be a repository for household clutter. Be firm and territorial about your home office space, and make sure everyone knows your desk is off limits.

Network and Socialize

A mom who stays home all day, for days on end, can start to feel dull and unmotivated. You aren’t alone. Millions of work at home moms are struggling to make ends meet, and most just need a little support and motivation to be inspired. The Internet provides a multitude of avenues for working mothers to network and socialize. Tap into that support system, and help yourself to the common wisdom of moms around the world.

Join and participate in women’s social networks, especially those concerned with parenting issues in the workplace. Seek out vibrant peers in your profession who can help you find jobs and offer advice on earning money from home. Take opportunities to participate in training and seminars to create a more a enjoyable, profitable and successful stay-at-home business.

Online resources for working moms:

The Best Use of Your Time

When you are at your desk, you are at work, and there must be rules for family and friends regarding interruptions. Do not allow children to wander freely through your work area or to play with your office equipment. Ask friends not to call during working hours. Remind everyone that you are on the job, making money, and you need ample time to work undisturbed.

It’s easy to lose track of time when you work at home, so schedule frequent breaks. Set a desk timer to allow yourself at least a ten minute rest every hour. Then look away from the computer, put down the phone, and walk away from your desk. Make your family a priority, and don’t let your job duties spill into break time.

For a balanced and efficient home-based business, keep your work and home life as separate as possible.


Earning extra income from home can be a struggle for women with children, but a little organization and discipline can make your business run smoother. Strive to create a separate office space, and establish time for work and time for your family. Go online to network and socialize with other working women, and soon you may discover even more job tips for stay at home moms.

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