Is Telecommuting A Job Or A Business?

by WorkFromHome on December 16, 2011

When you think about working from home as a telecommuter, do you see yourself as an employee or as a business owner? The good news is, either way you see yourself you will be able to find work on the Internet. Many large companies from around the world hire telecommuters to perform office duties for their businesses at home. At the same time, the freelance market has been growing exponentially in the last few years and telecommuting jobs are there for the taking.

Finding Work As A Telecommuting Employee

Working as a home based employee can be a dream position. You have all the perks of being an employee, such as paid vacations, guaranteed hours, and in some cases insurance benefits. You will work specific hours each day and have the same duties to perform. It is just like working in an office, except you do not have the related expenses.

To find work as a telecommuting employee, you should begin on the Internet. Many companies are hiring for this type of work. Visit legitimate job posting sites that list other employment opportunities. You will find that these sites are listing more home-based work opportunities than ever before.

You should also submit your resume to large retail corporations using their Internet HR sites, even if no positions are posted. It does not hurt to be on the top of the lsit when the opportunity arises.

Look in your local area for positions. Many smaller businesses can benefit from hiring home-based employees. The reduction in costs for the employer makes these positions very attractive to them.

Be prepared to submit a resume and go through an interview process for positions you find on or offline. These are real employment positions and you are hired in the same manner as an office based position.

Beware of the scams. There are, sadly, many scam sites out there offering telecommuting positions because they know it is a desired position. Do not interact with any site that requests personal information without employment offer, requires you to pay for a position or information, or offers outrageous hourly rates for employment.

Telecommuting As A Business

If you enjoy working for yourself you can telecommute by freelancing your services. There are thousands and thousands of freelance opportunities available on the Internet each day. You can easily find work in this manner by joing several freelance job boards and communities.

A freelance job board is a site that allows companies looking for freelancers to post their requests for work. Freelancers can join the community and bid on available positions from around the world. Freelancing positions will include everything from creating a logo to processing orders in your home for a major infomercial company.

Freelance job boards charge a fee for their services. It is either in the form of a small membership fee or a percentage of the job. The service is well worth this fee, and you should not be worried about paying for this type of opportunity.

To work from home as a telecommuter in the freelance community you will need:

  • A computer with sufficient memory and a high-speed connection to the Internet
  • Updated word processing software that is compatible with common programs
  • An updated resume to submit to potential clients upon their request
  • A personal website that describes your services
  • Business cards to distribute offline. You never know when you will encounter your next client

It is also recommended that you seek out freelance communities within the social sites. These communities and forums are a great place to learn about new trends in the industry, new opportunities, and make connections with people in your same line of work.

Final Notes

Telecommuting can be very lucrative to the freelancer because they can take on just about any position with any company from around the world. It is very important to provide quality work and meet your deadlines. Most freelancers “work” the job boards for only a short period of time. After that, clients begin to repeat from previous tasks and word-of-mouth advertising kicks in. Freelance telecommuters quickly establish a clientele when they perform their jobs with pride.

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