How To Work From Home Without Being Taken Advantage Of By The Scammers

by WorkFromHome on January 10, 2012

The minute that you decide that you want to work from home as a business owner, freelancer, or home based employee, the scam artist’s rise to attention. Perhaps it is a “disturbance in the force.” Whatever the reason, scam artists are out there promising you the world and offering nothing but grief in return.

The minute that you use a search engine to find out information on working from home, starting a business or finding work as a telecommuter, the word is out and you will begin to be bombarded with offers you may find hard to refuse. Knowing what these scams are will help you avoid the headache of being taken in by one of these offers.

Fun and Easy

The minute that a business is guaranteed to be Fun and Easy, is the minute that you should navigate away from the offer. When you own a business it may be rewarding and even fun, but it is never easy. Owning a business requires dedication and hard work, even when you are doing it from the comfort of your own home.

Two of the biggest offenders that fall under this category are envelope stuffing and rebate processing. Both of these “businesses” are exactly the same, just under different names. The company will tell you that you can make $100 for every envelope you stuff or rebate you process. Sadly this is the truth which is why they can advertise these businesses in this manner. What they do not tell you, however, is what it takes to process a rebate or stuff an envelope.

First you will have a cost to join their program and purchase your supplies. You will then need to spend countless hundreds of dollars placing ads just like the one you answered and hope someone responds like you did. When they do you “stuff the envelope” and are your fee. With rebate processing you are required to promote products at very high prices, and if someone buys the product you can purchase it from the manufacturer with the rebate at a discounted price and keep the difference of the sale.

The Perfect Job For You – No Experience Necessary

While there are some legitimate jobs that may not require any training or experience to perform, most will require you to have some knowledge of the industry. Think about it, do you really want to invest your time and money into a business you do not know anything about? The truthful answer is: No. Many people are so adamant about working from home or starting their own business that they will overlook their gut feeling and fall into one of these scams.

One popular scam that falls under this category is at home assembly. The company tells you that you do not need any experience or mechanical skills. All you need to do is assemble simple electronics or craft items and submit them for payment. They tell you that these items only take a few minutes to make, and they promise very high hourly rates.

When you accept the opportunity you are required to place a “deposit” down on your materials. They politely tell you that it is for their own protection in case you do not return the completed items. In truth, this is where they make their money.

Once you send in your craft or electronic for approval it never is approved. You are never paid because your product can never pass quality control. You will eventually get tired of sending in samples and have them reject them and give up. You will never receive your “deposit” back.

The Information You Need – All You Pay Is Shipping And Handling

How this scam continues in the Information Age is a mystery, but it is still thriving. People searching for work at home opportunities often become so passionate about wanting to work from home that they will make a poor decision and pay for free information.

You have seen the advertisements: “Free Government Grants For Business Start Up – Free Book only pay shipping and handling.” While this is just a made up title, the jist of the point has been made.

This is the information age. If there are companies advertising for work at home employees, it is on the Internet for free. If the government is giving out grant money, it is on a government web site. If there is information that every business owner must know, it is on the Internet at no charge.

Last Thought

When it comes to any business or work opportunity that you are offered, think twice before accepting the offer. Do a little research on the company or product. Trust your instincts. If something is telling you it is wrong, it most likely is a scam.

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