How To Turn A Hobby Into A Work From Home Business

by WorkFromHome on December 8, 2011

You want to work in a career doing something you love. Whether you bake, sew, build or garden, your free time hobbies give you energy, offer you a creative outlet, and allow you to relax. Perhaps now is the perfect time to transform your hobby into a work-from-home business. Answer the following five questions to decide if you can make money from your hobby.

Do I have a profitable hobby?

Customers will purchase your product if it meets one of four criteria. It must solve a problem, teach clients how to do something, sell materials that benefit others, or offer a necessary service. You can make money from home in any industry. Look for a creative angle that allows you to market a unique product that people will buy.

Consider selling a consumable product. When a customer runs out of your product, they return for more. Non-consumable products require you to work harder in order to find new customers.

You may need to upgrade your skills in order to sell your hobby for a profit. Fierce competition forces a work at home business owner to perform at the top of his or her potential in order to compete with other skilled entrepreneurs. When competing with other businesses, continue to learn skills in your field of expertise, tweak your product, and expand your services to meet more needs while keeping your passion for your product.

Can I commit to operating a business?

Your hobby gives you pleasure on the weekends or after work. Can you realistically do it day and night? Will you still love the hobby after it you need to sell the product in order to feed your family?

Consult your family and friends before making the transition from hobby to work at home business. Your loved ones can help you view your business idea objectively and see yourself realistically.

Be honest with yourself about your business acumen. Opening a work from home business requires more than sewing doll dresses in your basement. Decide if your temperament and interests allow you to handle customer interactions, sales pitches, and financial record keeping.

What do I need to get started?

Hard work and perseverance top the list of qualities you need in order to turn your hobby into a work at home business. You also need funding, materials and customers.

Create a business plan to detail your business idea and your plan for making money with your hobby. Record the product you plan to sell, how you plan to finance your work from home business, where you will sell it, how much it will cost, and expected sales for the next two to five years. Use your business plan to solidify your goals and earn loans or grants from investors.

Apply for necessary licenses and permits. Contact your state and municipality for details on forms you need before you legally open for business. Choose a name for your business.

Gather materials needed to start your business. Prepare a workspace, produce samples, and advertise your new work at home business. Decide if you will sell online or open a retail store.

How do I attract customers?

Market your brand through advertisements. Share your new business with your network of friends and associates. Distribute flyers, attend local business expos, build a web presence, offer samples at local events, and create attractive business cards.

While you strive to grow your business, focus on satisfying your current clients. They will give you good word of mouth referrals to help you make more money.

Offer your products at a competitive price but price your services to ensure you make money. Look for ways to produce a quality product while saving on costs. Do not cheat yourself by selling your product for less than the cost to make it. Consider selling a few items around town, and experiment with price ranges until you find a comfortable balance between making a profit and selling cheaply enough for customers to purchase from you. If you sell quality and are a trustworthy, responsible person, your loyalty base will grow.

After you decide to turn your hobby into a home business, pursue excellence. Create a quality product, learn about business, advertise your specialty product, and make money at home while doing something you love.

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