How to Start Working at Home Part Time With No Excuses

by WorkFromHome on November 19, 2011

A lot of people sit around reading about opportunities to work at home and never do anything about it. The number of excuses for not getting started include not having enough time, not wanting to jump in over your head, being scared of failing and not having enough money. Most excuses, including the four we’ve listed here, can be made irrelevant if you decide to put just 30 minutes each day into a small website project. If you commit to doing this for just one month, then your total upfront costs will be less than $20, and you’ll have a very good chance of having a profitable website after the first 30 days. Let’s get started.

The Initial Cost and Setup

This project centers around making money with a blog that focuses on some major industry like finance, technology or celebrity news. You’re going to pull in traffic with SEO, and monetize that traffic with Google AdSense. However, we’re going to water the process down a bit to make it extremely simple to follow so that there are no excuses for failing to get started. Your first step is to purchase a .com domain that is centered around a major keyword in the industry you will be writing on. Don’t include any numbers in your domain name, but make sure that it has a .com extension.

Your second step is to purchase some really basic web hosting that includes PHP and Fantastico installer scripts. Use Fantastico to install a content management system like WordPress, choose a nice theme from the options menu under the appearance heading, and you’re ready to get started. You’ll also want to install a plug-in that will automatically put your Google AdSense code on your website where you want it so that you don’t have to work with any of the actual programming for the site. Next, install a plug-in called Statpress that will show you what people are searching for when they find your site in the search engines. Finally, go to the permalinks option under settings and set your permalink structure to be “/%postname%/” without the quotes. This should take less than an hour total to set up. Once all of this is ready, it’s time to build and promote your site.

Content Creation

Our goal with this whole project is to provide you with simple instructions on how to put in 30 minutes of work each day and start to see some real results after a few weeks. For your first week, you’re going to spend your 30 minutes each day writing blog posts about topics in the industry that your blog will be covering. Each blog post should be 400 to 500 words long, and you should put each post in a category that makes sense. It will also help your website rankings if you add three to five tags for each post. To make money online with blogging, you’re going to need content that is of a decent quality, so make sure to proofread your content before posting it on your blog. After the first week, you’re going to slow down to only writing content three days each week. You’ll want to finish one blog post on each of the days you decide to work on content so that you have a total of three new posts each week.

Simple Blog Promotion

After the first week, you’ll be spending four days each week working on promoting your blog. Since you’ll only be doing promotion for 30 minutes on each of these days, it’s important that you focus on critical tasks and not get distracted by anything that won’t directly lead to making money. Your first few tasks should be to set up a Facebook page for your website and to install a plug-in on your blog that will allow people to “like” your page on Facebook.

You should also take the time to find other blogs in your industry and comment on them regularly in order to build relationships with other people in the community. If there are any main forums or message boards dedicated to the industry that you have chosen, then you’ll also want to create an account at each and start posting regularly during the time you have set aside for promotion.

The Mindset Required for This Project

The whole point of this project is to make it easy for people to get started without having a lot of excuses to fall back on. This is as simple as it gets, and if you put your 30 minutes in each and every day, then you’ll start to see results in the form of profit within the first four to six weeks. While it won’t be a lot of money at first, it will give you the confidence you need to keep putting in your 30 minutes each day on a consistent basis so that you can build something larger over time.

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