How to Start the Perfect Online Business for Your Unique Skills

by WorkFromHome on November 9, 2011

The recent economic downturn has been one of the worst and most prolonged in history, and as many Americans’ wages have stagnated, a large number of others have seen their wages disappear altogether. Employment remains persistently at high levels and it has become increasingly clear that the traditional workforce may no longer be a viable way to earn an annual salary for nearly 1 in 10 Americans. Given this environment it’s easy to see why an increasing number of Americans have turned to starting an online home business to earn either primary or secondary income.

The problem with this, however, is that many people are so rushed to find a source of new income that they ignore the most important aspects of choosing an online business that works best for their unique situation and set of skills. In the absence of this careful planning process, many people end up choosing an online home business idea or opportunity that they simply do not enjoy, cannot get motivated to do, and do not end up sticking with. And because operating a home business is all about motivation, persistence, and enjoyment, they often find that they’ve secured no additional or primary source of income at all.

So, what should online home business aspirants consider before choosing an online business idea that helps them pay the bills and go out to dinner every now and then? There are a few essential items that must be checked off the list in order to ensure longer-term success.

  1. Make a list of skills and experiences from which to draw
    The number of online businesses continues to grow exponentially, and that means that an increasing number of skills and abilities are represented in the online home business idea marketplace. This means there doesn’t necessarily have to a compromise between what a person knows how to do, and what they are able to do from home. Instead, they should make a list of all of their relevant skills and on-the-job experiences. This list should include just how experienced they are at each thing, where that experience was gained from, and how enjoyable they’d find doing that specific skill from a home office environment. Think of this as a resumé prepared for no one but yourself.
  2. Consider freelance job directories and online employment resources
    As home employment has grown over the past several years, the number of resources dedicated to employing home office workers has only increased. First and foremost, check the local newspaper for any online or telecommuting opportunities that may be offered in your local area. It’s always good to try and stay local — even if all of the work is done online. A local approach ensures that your future online employer is more in touch with your unique values and local experiences, and will likely result in a longer and healthier business relationship.

    If the local newspaper and classified ads fail to produce a decent opportunity, it’s time to take to the internet. Freelance job boards, such as, offer a number of job opportunities for people who are willing to work on a per-job basis. This is a great way to market your skills to new people and develop a list of repeat clients who may eventually work with you exclusively. And it’s a great way to sharpen your skills and get started with online employment. There’s no contract, no obligation, and every job pays individually — meaning instant income for a job well-done. It’s the ultimate system of rewards for an aspiring home business person.

  3. Develop an appropriate home office environment
    Working from home might sound like it invites workdays spent on the couch in a set of comfy pajamas, but that’s likely to result in dramatically reduced income and motivation for the average online home business owner. The office is something that inspires people to work and eliminates distractions in favor of productivity. A good home office contains all of the essentials: printers, faxes, scanners, and copiers, in combination with computers and phones for communications purposes. It eliminates the distractions of the home and encourages the business owner to get their job done before they turn on the TV, blast some music in their earbuds, or raid the fridge regularly for an unhealthy snack.

Success is Right Around the Corner

Starting a home business is certainly a gamble, but it doesn’t have to involve nearly as much risk as many people cause it to. Instead of working for just any company, doing just any task, make a list of the things you know how to do and the things you’re good at. Pursue only those opportunities and you’ll be happier, more motivated, and more fulfilled as an online entrepreneur.

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