How to Make Residual Money with Very Little Initial Money

by WorkFromHome on October 25, 2011

Residual income is an essential part of earning additional monthly income or beginning a strong retirement savings account. And in the internet age, awareness of this unique type of earning potential has only grown. But one thing that many people encounter in their quest to beginning adding residual income to their financial scheme is that the up-front costs can be prohibitively expensive. This is especially true for people who aren’t already earning high levels of income and need to save every extra dollar they can during this trying economy.

Luckily, there are a good number of ways to earn this type of income that do not require high start-up fees and other costs at the outset. They can be pursued by just about anyone, and their earning potential is just as genuine and limitless as schemes which cost far more to begin using.

  1. Buy candy and snacks in bulk and vend the product with a vending machine
    Consider this surprising fact: it costs just about $50 to fully stock the typical vending machine that can be found in offices, hospitals, and mechanics’ shops around the country. But those machines generate more than $200 in revenue when they’ve been emptied of product. That’s a huge amount of profit for a relatively small investment up front.

    Of course, it’s important to remember that you will need to secure an actual vending machine before starting this particular residual earnings scheme. But such machines can be found used, just like used cars, for far less than the cost of a new one — sometimes for $100 or less, depending on their age and wear. You will just be required to fill the machine when it empties, perhaps every one or two weeks. For the minimal investment of time, this is a greg way to secure a very robust residual profit.

    If this seems like your preferred way to go about earning your residual income, be sure to ask around your local neighborhood or your wider region about where exactly such a machine would be welcomed. Many businesses already have one installed, the businesses who don’t already have a machine will likely require some skilled persuasion in order to have one installed.

  2. Buy an investment property that requires no money down
    First-time home buyers, listen up: banks are your best friend when you want to purchase a house. To lure you, they’ll often require just $0 down. That’s right, it can actually be free (initially) to purchase a home. They will often require you to be an owner-occupant for a certain period of time, but that’s actually a good thing: it gives you time to make your mark on the house and find a respectable tenant who will respect your investment.

    And once you have found that tenant, you can move out of the property and into one that costs you far less per month. With their monthly rent covering the mortgage, and their own personal finances paying for the utility expenses incurred by the residence, you’ll reap a regular monthly profit after the mortgage has been paid. In due time, you’ll own the home — and you will have made money the entire time that the mortgage was being paid off. It isn’t just residual; in this case, it’s actually genius.

  3. Monetize your self-created internet content
    The internet is vast, and it’s getting even more vast as the months and years go by. Part of the reason for this is that everyone who can is creating their own digital content and marketing it online. This content presents several great ways to earn residual income: you can draw visitors to your site and give them just a taste of what you have to offer. If they want more, you can charge them a recurring monthly membership fee. That fee goes directly to your bottom line and can be stashed in a savings or high-yield money market account.

    Still others choose to interlace their content with keyword-targeted advertising. It allows users to read all of the site’s content for free, but their clicks on website advertising will generate a small amount of profit for users every single time. It’s an unending and continuous source of revenue for the talented designer and content-producer who knows how to smartly integrate these relevant ads.

Consider Each Option Carefully

These are by far the most affordable ways to get into the game when it comes to earning residual income. But each one has its unique quirks that will appeal to different types of earners. Before choosing a method of earning residuals, be sure that you’re okay with what each option entails, and don’t start something that you can’t finish or see through in the long term. With a smart decision, residual income is probably the easiest salary you’ll ever earn.

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