How to Make Money From Home

Most Americans will freely admit that they don’t particularly like going to work and interacting with their overbearing boss or other management personnel. Most would prefer to work from home than endure long commutes to and from work each day spend an ever increasing amount of time away from their family and loved ones. More and more people every day would love to know how to make money from home, and many are finding this can now be achieved through the power of the internet.

Whereas there were really very few options for these individuals even just a few years ago, the internet has revolutionized the way many Americans earn their income. With the proliferation of broadband internet access and a greater emphasis on marketable skills, trades, and products, the internet is a business opportunity and an international marketplace that is providing a living to many people in the United States and around the world.

There are several different ways to make money online. With such a vast “super highway” of information, the ways to make money from home are almost limitless. Here are some of the most common, and most effective, ways of generating income using an existing internet connection and laptop or desktop computer.

  1. Use the Internet to Sell Something Created by Yourself
    The great thing about the internet is that it is not a physical “place” and therefore doesn’t require having physical products to turn a profit. Many people will automatically assume that they should use the internet to sell something they make in their free time — a craft item, an invention they devised on their own, or some other piece of American ingenuity. And while that’s certainly a fine way of using the internet, it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to what can be sold and monetized in a digital and international marketplace.

    Consider writing a helpful eBook or short story and selling it online, perhaps in an Adobe PDF (portable document format) file that can be read on desktop or laptop computers as well as mobile smartphones and tablet devices that are equipped with document reading applications or eBook readers. These PDF files could even be bought for use on an eReader device like Amazon’s Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook. Skilled writers will find it easy to produce these short, electronic books, and they’ll reap the rewards of residual income that will be with them long after the product has been produced and the first sale has been made.

    Consider any special skill you might have — fiction writing, finding a good bargain online or off, or perhaps even coking and writing recipes. The options and ideas for these books are limitless and, in the age of the “idea economy,” they’re well worth the time and effort.

    If this sounds like the best way to make money from home, there are some important steps to pursue. First and foremost, do your research. Make sure that there is a market for the work you’ll be producing. After all, if there is no demand, there will be no sales — and you will have wasted your efforts. You’ll then want to extend your research into finding your closest and most threatening competitors. Learn what they’re doing well and observe what could be improved upon. Their successes and mistakes will be your tools when you consider how to sell and profit from the work you have produced.

    Once you’ve got a handle on the marketplace and the competition, it’s time to go ahead and put your ideas onto page after page of your eBook. Be sure to pay careful attention to proofreading and quality, as the market can be unforgiving for authors who seem rushed, unreliable, or unskilled. When the product is finished, you can choose to launch your own website that will be solely dedicated to pushing and selling your eBook. This will be your global storefront, so be sure to design it and maintain it in a way that draws in new customers and keeps the old ones coming back for new content.

    And that new content is exactly what you should begin working on when you have completed your first online production and offered it for sale. You will want to produce related works that customers will purchase together with your original eBook. And, if you have multiple topics on which to write, you’ll want to start writing on one of those other topics as quickly as possible. Like any offline enterprise, the key to success is diversification and “totem selling,” or up selling, to a more complete and costly set of products. This will only benefit your bottom line.

  2. Generate Online Income via a Subscription Model
    If you know you’ve got a lot of great information, but you’re not sure you want to put it into the form of an eBook, there is another way to monetize your skills and knowledge. This alternative method comes in the form of a website that operates on a monthly subscription model. Instead of purchasing your published works just once, and perhaps sharing it with friends or family, and not coming back for information published in subsequent books, this subscription model will force customers to pay on a regular basis for both new and old information.

    One downside of this particular online revenue model is that it requires a great deal more work on behalf of the author or tradesman. That’s because people will only continue to pay their subscription fees (and thus generate income for you) if you continue to provide them with new information on the topic or topics that prompted them to join your site in the first place. If you cease to continue providing new or useful information to your subscribers, you will cease to have any at all — and your source of income will dry up rather quickly.

    Another way of keeping these subscribers entertained and satisfied, though it is more work, is to create a series of useful tools and resources that they cannot find anywhere else. The nature and function of these resources will vary depending on your area of expertise, but they will help to make sure that your subscribers aren’t going anywhere else. Be sure to research any competing sites in an effort to win people over on price (and overall value) as well as your skills, content, and resources.

  3. Stop Flipping Real Estate, Start Flipping Websites
    In an era that is as dependent on the internet as it is on its morning coffee, web sites have become virtual pieces of real estate that can increase or decrease in value. Their value is directly related to the strength of their content, the number of monthly visitors they attract, and how many of those people are repeat or “serial” visitors that come back time and time again. These more dedicated visitors are more likely to click on advertisements and generate revenue for the website owner, making a website with a high number of repeat visitors essentially an online premium.

    If you’re adept at website design, logo design, keywords, and traffic generation, this is the game you should be playing to earn that extra income every month. It’s pretty easy to do, takes very little time, and can be extremely financially beneficial. There are two ways to go about making this sort of income from home.

    Create Solid Websites and Sell Them

    Using this method, you simply buy a website domain and generate content for the site. You develop its layout yourself, and drive traffic to it using techniques like “search engine optimization” and others which cause search engines to show your website at the top of their results pages. You create regular content updates that cause initial visitors to turn into repeat visitors, and you drive up the value of the website by rapidly expanding the number of loyal users (and thereby customers) that it attracts. When you feel you have turned the website into a success story, you “flip” the site by selling it to the highest bidder. Your source of income from that website ends after the sale, but the buyer will see a long-term investment that may make them a great deal of revenue in the months and years ahead. It’s a win-win for both sides of the sale.

    Buy a Site, Give it an Overhaul, Turn it into a Success, and Sell It

    Think of this as a more traditional way of flipping websites. Just like real estate flippers who purchase a worn-down “fixer-upper” and generation tens of thousands of dollars in profit, your job will be to turn a sagging and unsuccessful website into one that consistently rises to the top of search results and produces high amounts of regular revenue. You’ll be tasked with giving it a complete overhaul — a new design, new content, new keywords, and a lot of new, additional visitors who keep coming back.

    When you have successfully turned a beat-up website into the best one on the block, you can go ahead and flip it by reselling it for thousands of dollars more than you paid for the old version. Sites like this are at a premium on the internet, and as your record of website improvement grow and improves, your income will grow in proportion. It’s a great way to help out a less-skilled website operator and boost your salary at the same time.

  4. Turn eBay into a Cash Machine
    Another man’s junk, as the clich√© says, is another man’s treasure. Nowhere is that more evident than on the auction listing pages of eBay. You’ll find anything from old car parts to old computers, and every smartphone, antique, and collectible item in between. If you’re a frequent attendee of local yard sales, or you’re into collecting antiques and scouting for hot new items at your local antique shop, this website can make you a significant amount of income. In fact, for a good number of people, it’s their sole source of income.

    If you decide to make this your way to make money from home, it’s time to start taking a more active role. Consider advertising in local newspaper for fliers — or even Craigslist — that you’re interested in buying others’ junk. Tell them you run a business that specializes in these types of things, and you’ll gladly take it off their hands for free and eliminate the burden of storing such items in a basement or garage where they’re of no use and are simply taking up space.

    Then do your research and find out what each item is really worth. This is where your local antiques dealer, or even a historian, will come in especially handy. Get an idea of a fair price, and aim to make a significant profit on eBay by turning human competitive instincts into revenue.

    And remember, eBay isn’t the only option for unloading these items at a profit. Indeed, if you find yourself becoming successful and turning “junk” into a salary, you may want to list on multiple websites or even create your own online storefront that specializes in dealing collectibles, antiques, and other “junk” to people around the world. Advancement and opportunities are limitless when it comes to online earning.

  5. Turn to the Old Standby: E-Commerce
    You probably heard a hint of it in the previous suggestion, which mentioned the possibility of transitioning from an eBay seller to someone who operates their own online storefront. E-commerce is the predominant way to make money from home by using the internet. It is essentially the online version of a retail business: products are purchased by the site owner at “cost” and sold for profit to people locally, nationally, or globally. Typically these products are purchased by the site owner in bulk so as to lower the price of the product and maximize the eventual profits that will materialize by selling them to others.

    These businesses typically come in two forms: the self-managed style, and one which uses dropshippers. A self-managed e-commerce solution is by far the most profitable, as there is no need to pay staff or any outside company when managing and shipping products. But, depending on the success of the business and just how many items are being sent and received daily, this may actually become too time consuming to manage alone.

    In that case, many people turn to a drop shipping company to manage their product line. Rather than shipping everything themselves, business owners rely on these unique companies to pack and ship everything they sell through their e-commerce site. While it certainly will cost you to pick this option, chances are pretty high that you would only need to select such a service if your site was already hugely successful and profitable. Relative to the likely amount of revenue you would be taking in, its cost would be minimal.

  6. Promote Other Peoples’ Products
    If you’re not sure that you can create products of your own, or ship products created by others, there is a great balance between the two. This involves affiliate marketing schemes that reward you for promoting other websites and products and referring customers via special links and advertisement banners. Each click or successful purchase is tracked and credited to your account, which earns a specific amount of money per click or per sale. Once you have made a certain amount, you can request to have the money paid out to you per the marketing company’s regulations.

    This option requires very little investment — in fact, it’s often free to get started. And if you’re good at persuading people to check something out or try a product, it’s a great way to make supplemental income from home using the internet.

  7. Use Keyword-Targeted Advertising to Generate Additional Income
    Perhaps the most famous example of using keywords to generate income is Google’s AdSense program. These textual ads, which blend right into an existing website’s design, use keywords relevant to a page’s existing content and display ads that a visitor might already be interested in. Because the ads blend in to the site’s design and display content that most of your visitors will find interesting, they tend to draw more clicks than traditional banner advertisements and flash ads. And they’re actually useful to a large number of people in your audience.

    This will require you to act as a responsible and knowledgeable site owner, however, as you will need to drive traffic to a website and make sure that those people keep coming back. The key to earning money via keyword advertisements is by ensuring a steady stream of visitors. If you’re adept at the “site flipping” skills mentioned earlier, this longer-range commitment will likely prove quite lucrative for you in a relatively short amount of time. But remember: this option requires a long-term investment and constant vigilance. Without it, sites will languish, visitors will drop off, and clicks will dwindle. And that means the main source of revenue stops producing any at all.

No matter the option you choose, there are many ways to answer the question of how to make money from home. With a little research, some old fashioned hard work, and good marketing and promotion, your freedom from the boss and enjoyment of additional income is right around the corner.