How to Make Money Blogging

Once you’re getting traffic to a blog with search engine optimization or other marketing methods, you have to figure out the best way to monetize that traffic. Most people figure out how to make money blogging with simple traffic methods combined with some type of contextual advertising, but there are a lot more options that need to be explored. Your creative side has to take over a bit when it comes to the monetization aspects of blogging. Most people get stuck with this one specific method of making money from their blog and disregard all others. Here we’re going to show you some alternative methods to monetizing a blog that you should test out to see how they work for you.

Direct Advertising Made Simple

Many people start off with contextual advertising when they’re trying to make money blogging. However, a major disadvantage to using these service providers is that you only get a portion of the amount being paid for the advertising. Because of the price you have to pay for working with the contextual advertising companies, direct advertising has a serious financial advantage. To harness this advantage, all you have to do is a little legwork and find companies that want to advertise on your blog. This can be as simple as gathering a list of email addresses from the marketing departments of companies that sell products and services in the industry your blog focuses on and contacting them.

A lot of people are too scared to go through this effort because of their fear of failure, but the worst case scenario is that everyone says no and you’ve lost nothing in the process. Even if no one accepts your offer, you can still make connections in the industry that can come in handy later. You can even ask the representatives that you speak to what it would take for them to be willing to purchase advertising on your blog. In this way, communicating with these companies will allow you to achieve growth in the long run.

An Affiliate Marketing Trick

Affiliate marketing is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot, and it can mean a lot of different things. For people who are trying to figure out how to make money blogging with methods other than contextual advertising, we’re going to suggest a very simple approach that’s super effective. Find a list of six to eight affiliate products that relate to your niche, and create two advertising blocks that look similar to the contextual advertising units that are already displayed on your blog. Make a short description for each item and what it can do for the user along with an affiliate link to a landing page for the item. Have these custom-made advertisement blocks rotate with your normal contextual advertising blocks, and test to see how they perform. This is another way to cut out the contextual advertising platform from taking a percentage of the ad revenue. If you know which contextual advertisements are already appearing on your blog, and some of them are for products or services that have an affiliate program, then you can even try using the same text from the contextual ads in your custom-made ones.

Promoting Your Own Services

While this doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s very important for the people that can use it. If you can provide a service that is related to the industry that your blog covers, then you need to be using your blog to advertise and promote your services. This is one of the biggest money-making methods that can be used with a blog. In fact, this business model is so lucrative that a number of people create niche blogs just to generate potential customers for their services. For people who have a lot of experience in an industry, providing a consulting service is a really good way to get started. Not only can you make money while helping people, but you’ll get to meet with other people in the industry and build connections. These connections can help you to take your online business to the next level by giving you access to high-profile clients and inside information. This method is a bit of a jump from contextual advertising, and it can take some time to really take off, but the rewards are enormous.