How to Find Proofreading Jobs Online

by WorkFromHome on September 14, 2011

When it comes to writing successfully, it is important for a writer to allow others to look over their work and check for mistakes. There are many names for such people, but they can also be referred to as proofreaders. If your looking to find proofreading jobs online, there are many methods for doing so.

Create an Online Portfolio

This step is not just something that hopeful proofreaders should attempt; when it comes to letting potential clients know about skills and experience, many people, whether they take photos or write articles, choose to create an online portfolio. The website should include a few writing samples to make it known that the proofreader’s grasp of the English language is strong. If somebody is looking to hire a proofreader, they are going to want an individual that can write well themselves. If any of the writing samples were paid for, the proofreader should get the specific client’s permission before posting them.

Find and Join Writer Forums

Forums have long proven themselves as a successful way to bring together people of a certain interest. Should anybody browse a search engine, they are bound to find a forum for just about anything, from doll collecting to old movie restoration. A person that wishes to successfully advertise themselves should go out of their way to join one or more forums for writers. These communities will not only provide fellow writers with helpful advice to give, but professionals that will carry special connections as well.

Join a Freelance Website

If joining a forum does not provide any helpful leads, or the proofreader simply wants more options at their disposal, they should consider joining a freelance website. These websites allow people of differing ages and backgrounds to post information about themselves. They can advertise their services and make sure that they are visible to at least one potential client. Some of these sites will not allow people to sign up without paying some kind of fee, and thus caution is essential. The proofreader should make sure that they are not setting themselves up for a scam.

Check Online Classifieds

While setting up a portfolio and talking to people with connections is fine, sometimes it is better to scour classifieds for jobs. The jobs listed can be centered on just about anything, from small blog entries to long term, large articles. Although some of these assignments will not carry much excitement and may even be difficult to complete, they can still be used for experience. With enough hard work and a good relationship with clients, any hopeful proofreader can get the stream of jobs that they want. They can establish themselves as somebody to hire when it comes to checking the work of others.

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