How To Find A Work At Home Job Opportunity

by WorkFromHome on January 20, 2012

There are literally millions of work at home jobs on the market, many of them sitting unfilled. If you are interested in working from home, you can find a job that will allow you to earn a living while enjoying more time to spend with family, participate in your own hobbies and enjoy your life. If you are ready to enjoy the shortest commute ever, work from the comfort of your home office and take charge of your career, a work at home job may be the answer.

Learn to Spot Opportunities

The first step in securing a great work at home job is learning to spot work from home opportunities and avoid scams. There are a few ways to spot scams. First, legitimate work at home companies will not contact you to offer you a job. As with any traditional job, you must first go through an application process and be offered a job. Offers that come to you unsolicited in your email are almost always scams. Another way to spot a scam is with a quick review of their website. Companies that promise huge payoffs overnight, outrageous wages or money for little to no work are usually scams. A website that makes you pay for lists of work at home opportunities is usually a scam.

Once you have spotted and avoided the scams, you can search for opportunities for paid work from home. Many airlines, travel sites and hotels hire reservations sales agents to work from home. Customer service jobs are some of the most common types of work at home jobs, so search these first. Start by going to the careers section of these companies’ websites and scouring opportunities to work from home. Often these companies will specify that they offer telecommute positions.

In many cases, some workers start out by working for a traditional office and later gain the opportunity to work from home from their employer. If there is an opportunity to take work home, you may be able to convince your employer to allow you to work from home, saving the company money.

Be Qualified for the Job

One of the most common misconceptions about work at home jobs is that anyone with a computer can perform them. This is simply not true. As with any job, you must meet the qualifications of the position. Most customer service jobs will require that you have a background in customer service, client relations or in an administrative capacity. Make sure your resume reflects your relevant experience.

In addition to the background requirements for the job, you must also meet the requirements for working from home. Most companies will require you to have a reliable internet connection (no dial-up), a dedicated landline phone, a certain browser and a quiet background. Others require you to agree not to be the primary caregiver to any dependents while you are working. Some may require a certain typing speed or the ability to multi-task using a chat screen and typing. Make sure you meet the requirements before applying to avoid wasting time on lengthy job applications.

Be Prepared to Interview

When you are applying for a work at home job, you will have to complete an interview process. This process is similar to an interview for a traditional job, although it will probably take place over the phone. Be prepared to discuss your skills, your expectations for the job and answer questions. Many people who interview for work at home positions wear interview clothing when participating in their phone interview. Make sure you are in an environment free of distractions and have a copy of your resume handy.

Search for Multiple Jobs

The more jobs you search and apply for, the better chances you have at securing the right opportunity. There are many companies that are hiring for work at home agents. Save your application information to your computer to avoid having to type the same information over and over. Create a different resume for each industry you are applying for to highlight individual skills relevant to the position. Track your application status with each company and follow up with the hiring manager to make sure your application was received and processed.

There are many work from home jobs available for those who are looking for jobs with security, great pay and flexibility. If you are searching for a position from home, treat your search as thought were a part time job. Keep track of your applications and follow up. The right work from home opportunity is out there waiting for you.

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