How Killer Linking Structures Can Boost Your Profits

by WorkFromHome on September 3, 2011

The goal of the affiliate marketing game is to make money. In general terms, you’re wanting to do whatever it takes within the rules of the game to increase your earnings over time. For people who promote affiliate programs with SEO, a very effective strategy for increasing earnings is the systematic cultivation of linking power. Having linking power boosts your rankings in the search engines for relevant keywords, which leads to a larger number of high-quality visitors coming to your site. You’ll make lots of money from these visitors, and so it’s easy to see that increased linking power directly leads to increased profits.

The Reason You Need Structure

The quality of the links that are sent to your site is one of the main factors that goes into deciding where you rank in the search engines. Quality for a link is based on relevancy and authority. A link has relevancy if it comes from a page that has subject matter similar to your own. For a link to have authority, the page it’s on has to have its own backlinks and power in the search engines. What important to realize is that relevancy comes from the content on a page, and is relatively easy to create. Authority is a little more difficult, but can be created through the strategic use of linking structures like the ones we are going to look at. To achieve authority in an efficient manner, having structure is absolutely necessary.

The Mini-Authority Site Model

It’s really great when websites that have authority link to pages where you are promoting products and services with affiliate programs. The idea of creating and utilising linking structures is that you can create your own miniature authority sites. With these sites in hand, you’ll have complete control over how you are linked to from them. Getting links from these miniature authority sites, and refusing to give out links to your competitors, gives you a distinct advantage in the search engines.

How to Build a Linking Structure

Now that you understand the importance of linking structures and the general idea of how they can be used to boost your search engine rankings, it’s time to get into exactly how you can create your own structures. The first concept you have to understand is the idea of layers. The final layer of your structures will consist of only your money sites and a few hand-picked authority sites that you don’t control. If you go one step back, you will have a layer made up of your own miniature authority sites. Going one more step back, you’ll have tons of links from a variety of traditional sources, like blog commenting and social bookmarking.

The Link Pyramid

One example linking structure that’s really effective for pushing affiliate programs is called a pyramid, and works on literal layers. The idea is that a bulk amount of social bookmarking links, blog comments and other semi-relevant links is converted into a lower number of high-quality links from your miniature authority sites by passing the linking power from the bulk layer to the mini-authority site layer, and then finally to your money sites. The end result is that you’re taking a large number of links that aren’t very relevant or useful, and using your linking structure to convert them into a few extremely useful links from your custom-made authority sites. Your competitors will beg you for links from these authority sites once they gain some weight in your industry, but you can never give away links from these sites or you will lose your competitive advantage.

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