How Good Are Your Time Management Skills? Test Yourself

by WorkFromHome on April 2, 2012

Time management is a skill that everyone should take the time to learn. Knowing how to use your time to your advantage allows you to accomplish more and have more free time for your own enjoyment. Many people know that they could use help with their time management skills, but they often do not know what skills need refining.

The following 15 questions can help you evaluate your strongest and weakest time management skills.

  1. Are the tasks you select to work on each day the ones with the highest priority?
    Many times people will select tasks on how easy they are to complete instead of their importance.
  2. Do you wait to the last minute to complete a task or often need to ask for extensions because the job is not completed?
    Failure to schedule tasks by priority cause missed deadlines.
  3. Do you make time to schedule your priorities each day?
    Creating a to-do list allows you to create a map of your day. You cannot reach your destination without having a map.
  4. Do you know how long it should take to complete a task, and can you evaluate how long it actually takes you to complete it?
    Knowing how long a task takes helps you create a schedule. Knowing how long it actually takes you to complete the task will help you find places where you are wasting time or how to schedule more time for the task.
  5. Are you often interrupted during the day?
    Work from home professionals are often interrupted by family and friends. Knowing this is a problem can help you approach the subject with your loved ones.
  6. Do you schedule extra time for emergencies?
    Sometimes you need extra time to complete a task, or an unavoidable interruption occurs. Having a little play in your schedule either lets you accommodate these events or gives you more free time if it is not needed for the tasks.
  7. How is your goal setting skills?
    Can you create an end goal for the day, week or year? Without a goal in mind you cannot accomplish the tasks needed to achieve that goal.
  8. Can you distinguish between the priorities of tasks, even if they are for the same end-goal?
    Accomplishing the most difficult tasks first often makes a project go by quicker.
  9. When you accept a new assignment, do you review it carefully and prioritize the tasks needed to achieve the goal?
    Starting a project blindly can lead to chaos and wasted time.
  10. Does stress interfere with deadlines?
    If deadlines are giving you stress, you may not be setting your priorities correctly to achieve your goals.
  11. Do you find hard tasks make you easily distracted?
    If you are becoming too distracted during a task, you may wish to break it down into smaller components.
  12. Are you working overtime to complete goals?
    If you have to put in extra time to complete a task, you may need to reschedule your priorities to accomplish the goal.
  13. Do you review your goals weekly?
    Things change every day. You should take a few minutes once a week to review your new goals for the following week.
  14. Do you say “yes” to new tasks even when you mean “no”?
    It is not unusual to take on too many tasks at once. Learn to say no.
  15. Are you eating right and getting enough sleep?
    A well-nourished and rested person will function better than one who is tired and weak.

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