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by WorkFromHome on October 30, 2011

Many people looking into home businesses are often enticed by the idea of being able to work from home, and then immediately turned off by how much work is required in setting up the business of their choice and actually making money. For most businesses, it’s true that setup can take a few days, weeks, or even months. However, a good number of other businesses can be up and running (and making a profit) in a day or two at most. These provide a great way to dive right into a self-made income and ensure there will be minimal time between quitting a traditional job and earning a life-sustaining salary from an entrepreneurial pursuit.

Freelance Writing Gigs

If you know how to write, then there’s a good chance that you can begin working from home tomorrow and making a respectable income on day one. That’s because most freelance writing gigs operate through central websites that collect and aggregate jobs based on a writer’s skill level. You’ll have to pass a simple writing test that will gauge knowledge of, and adherence to, AP style guidelines and general grammar knowledge. After that, you’ll be free to begin writing for money.

And because this industry is increasingly broad, the job opportunities are increasingly diverse. Writers aren’t condemned to working on just one website’s list of articles, but can instead join multiple freelance job banks and diversify their opportunities. This leads to greater income potential and virtually ensures that there will always be something to write, and that there will always be a source of income for the home-based businessman.

Tutoring Services

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to starting a successful tutoring service is getting the word out that you have started one at all. And that may take a few days — even up to a week. But schools and colleges are more than happy to help advertise private tutoring services, especially because their budgets have recently been cut and they can no longer provide adequately robust tutoring programs themselves. Furthermore, with online promotion on sites like Craigslist, Google’s AdSense, and other advertising mechanisms, it’s easy to target local and relevant future customers.

And tutoring itself is as easy as knowing the subject and conveying it to the client. That may take a little trial and error at first, but most people who are highly knowledgeable about a topic are enthusiastic and helpful when talking about it. You’ll likely find it refreshing and relaxing to speak about the topics which interest you, and the ones which you excel in. Your student-clients will find it relaxing to absorb this knowledge and do better, and they’ll promote you via word-of-mouth when their friends and family begin asking how they’ve turned around their grades and class performance.

Professional Runner of Errands / Courier

Two things have happened in recent years which have necessitated an increase in demand for the professional courier or runner of errands: gas prices have skyrocketed and business budgets have dwindled during a bad economy. This means businesses are increasingly looking for people who will provide their own means of transportation, and work for relatively modest sums of money as compared to someone who would require an office space, paid lunches, benefits, and other traditional perks.

Because these positions are always in demand by businesses, it’s easy to begin shopping around your experience, efficiency, and transportation methods. Within a few days, it’s likely that you’ll have several clients willing to use your services. While this means being constantly “on call” for a business which needs tasks done — and quickly — it also means that you can begin establishing a name for yourself among local businesses and you can start the process of building connections, experience, and a reputation that precedes you (and gets you more jobs over time).

Get Your Quick Start Before Someone Else Does

Another great reason to pursue these opportunities is that they allow you to begin working in a field immediately — and before anyone else has had the same idea. Because these businesses almost all rely on local networking and availability, it’s important to get your name out ahead of anyone else who may constitute competition. A quick start can mean a quick success, but only if it is pursued quickly.

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