Home Business Ideas for the Stay at Home Mom

by WorkFromHome on November 25, 2011

While many of America’s moms are content to lead a busy life that delicately balances both work and raising children, a sizable contingent of mothers opt to stay home with their children during the formative years of their lives and raise them on a full-time basis. It was once thought that these options were mutually exclusive: either you were a stay at home mom, or you were a professional. But as the internet has revolutionized the job market, it has become possible for moms to stay at home and raise their children while also making extra income or running their own successful business. It’s the perfect work-life balance that many moms find attractive.

And, in an uncertain economy, it’s more important than ever for parents to do anything in their power to achieve financial stability and keep the balance sheets in the black. These home business ideas are great ones for moms who wish to stay at home and still earn extra income in order to keep their family healthy and financially solvent.

Provide Child Care Services

It’s no secret that the ultimate goal of a stay at home mom is to maximize their time with their children, teaching them how to do anything from read and write to interact socially with their peers. Perhaps no home business idea is more appropriate for these mothers than the idea of providing a child care service using their own home as the venue. With this type of setup, stay at home moms can tend to their own child’s needs while simultaneously helping the children of parents in the neighborhood and charging a premium for their services.

Furthermore, providing child care services allows them to give their own children educational and social opportunities that they would otherwise have to pay for. With other children in the home, they’ll become socially adept and learn to interact favorably with others. They’ll be uniquely and thoroughly prepared for when they start their grade school education, and the mother who provides the service will receive this benefit while actually making a profit off of it. It’s perhaps the biggest win-win for self-employed stay at home moms.

Dogs Need Daycare, Too

Perhaps it isn’t other children that you wish to care for, but other peoples’ pets. This is a viable home employment option as well, and it has valuable lessons to be taught to your children that they would otherwise not receive either inside or outside the home. First and foremost, caring for the pets of others is quite lucrative and there are a variety of ways in which to do it: some people opt to provide a “doggy day care” service which makes sure that pets are fed, taken for walks, and properly house trained and entertained. Still others opt for a grooming service, giving pets the extra flair needed to turn heads in the park after their owner’s long day in the office. And, of course, there are the ever-popular dog walking options which are a great source of extra income for the stay at home mom.

And amid all of this is an opportunity for a teachable moment: your child or children will learn how to interact with animals properly, and they’ll learn that animals are their living friends — not their stuffed toys. They’ll develop an understanding of these furry friends and that can only benefit your household if and when you decide the time is right to buy a first pet or an additional one.

Baking for Profit

One of the skills that most moms either have, or quickly acquire, is the ability to impress their family and friends with a wide array of baked goods. This skill is largely considered an added bonus or a fun hobby; in most cases, it’s thought of as a way to bond with children and delight them with sweets. But it’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to parenting, the required skill set, and the money to be made on these skills.

Baking for a profit is increasingly popular in home kitchens throughout the country, largely spurred by television programs on the Food Network such as Cake Boss, the Food Network Challenge, and Cupcake Wars. And, for the skilled baker, the financial rewards are pretty sweet: people will pay a premium for gourmet, organic, or even somewhat healthy baked goods. And when they’re made to order, they command an even bigger price tags and run up even higher profit margins.

Get Started Today

The important thing to remember about all three of these options is that they’re part of an intensely competitive marketplace dominated by home business professionals. Child care services are provided by an increasingly diverse group of individuals, and baking for profit is no longer the domain of stay at home moms. As more and more people put their skills to use, the opportunities to nab clients and generate profits decreases. Getting started today eliminates the risk of just that scenario.

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