Home based Businesses You Can Run On The Weekend

by WorkFromHome on December 28, 2011

Across the nation and the world, millions of people are breaking out of their old routines and starting their own home-based businesses. These entrepreneurs are charting their own financial paths and writing their own meal tickets. You too can join the legions of small business owners who work from their kitchen table. There are many unique home based business ideas that break with convention and provide their owners with lucrative income and financial security.

  • Cooling Station/Misting Tent Business
    Have you ever been to a festival, flea market or amusement park in the middle of the summer and felt the sun ferociously beating down on you? You are not alone. Every summer, flea market managers and amusement park owners rent misting tents to cool their guests and keep them from seeking shelter outside of their venue. A misting tent sprays a cool mist of water continually. Guests can enjoy this cooling shower between trips to their favorite amusements.

    A cooling station business is easy to start and requires very little capital. You simply buy the tent and misting system, which retails between $400 and $4,000, depending on the size and configuration. Create a website and a marketing plan and you’re all set. Many cooling station owners rent their tents by the day or event. This is a great home based business that can be run on the weekends during the summer for maximum freedom and flexibility.

  • Inflatables Business
    If you are looking for a money-making work from home business that will bring in big bucks, consider an inflatables business. Purchase a set of wholesale wacky wavers. These blowing inflatable advertisers are usually spotted in front of auto dealerships waving in new customers. Wacky wavers, also called air dancers, can be purchased for under $500 in most areas. Many business owners rent them for $200 per day. These wacky dancing men usually pay for themselves after a few rentals.

    Another great product to add to your inflatables business is the giant inflatable rat. Often used by disgruntled employees protesting a company that does not use union labor, these towering giant rodents can bring in a lot of cheddar for your home based business. Business owners usually set up these giant rats in front of the offending company and tether it to the ground or another source. There are certain considerations, however, when adding the giant rat to your inventory. On a number of occasions, companies have been known to lash out at the rat, stabbing and inflating it, or running it over. This can cut into your profits so be aware of this.

    If you are looking for a great home based business that you can run on weekends, an inflatables business can be easily run from home. Many business owners simply set up their products and spend the rest of their time in their office while the product earns on its own. As with any business, good marketing practices will make the difference in your business success.

  • Commuter Newspaper Business
    If you have a talent for writing, graphic design and desktop publishing, creating your own commuter newsletter is a great home business that you can run on the weekends. Sell advertising space to local businesses and watch the profits roll in. Choose a niche that appeals to commuters and distribute your newspaper on a regular basis for maximum readership. This type of home based business works best in large cities where many people commute by public transportation. A commuter newspaper is an excellent home based businesses that you can start from home on a shoestring budget.
  • Event Planning Business
    If you have a knack for planning great events like parties, weddings and conferences, then an event planning business may be for you. Many event planners start their businesses with just a few business cards, a list of contacts and a basic website. If you have a lot of friends, business associates or a large network to tap into, you can earn a lot of money in event planning. If you are unsure of how to start, there are classes at local colleges that can get you going.

    Wedding planning is a niche of event planning and can bring in hefty profits for the right planner. Wedding planning is a great weekend business, although a lot of the legwork will need to be done during regular business hours. If you are looking for a great business that you can run on a part-time basis, event planning is just the ticket.

There are many home based businesses that you can run in your spare time from the comfort of your kitchen table. Many require very little start up funds. From event planning, to rental businesses and desktop publishing, there is a market ready and willing to receive your product or service.

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