Home-based Business Ideas For Smart People

by WorkFromHome on January 21, 2012

If you are smart, you can find lots of free or low-cost ways to earn money from home. You no doubt possess knowledge or advice that can be valuable to the online community at large. The Internet provides a surplus of helpful tools and resources to help intelligent, business-minded people to succeed. This makes it possible to ply your unique talents to earn extra money, and perhaps find job satisfaction too.

Here are three home-based business ideas for smart people:

Video Blogging

Everyone has something to say, and that’s why blogging for money is so popular, but now video is the new kid on the blog. Video blogging makes it much easier to get your point across, with a lot less typing and editing. Just like putting your thoughts and advice on a text blog, your video blog can be an effective way to build a loyal web audience and earn money from home. The more engaging the videos, the more attention you will get from users, and that means more cash in your pockets.

To make money with your video blogs, embed pay-per-click advertising. Push your own products too, with graphic banner ads or links that lead viewers straight to the sales pages of your online store. Blogging online is a tried-and-true method to make money, and video blogging puts a whole new twist on it. It’s more effective, easy to do, and free to try.

Some resources for video blogging:

Online Consulting Services

If you have special knowledge, skills or talents that you could share for a fee, the Internet provides the perfect avenue to launch a consulting business. Hundreds of college graduates and laid-off professionals have learned to market themselves to find online clients who will pay for consulting services. If you feel like you left your brain behind after college or after the kids came along, dust it off and make a move to create a home-based consulting business that brings in money on your terms.

Just like any ecommerce enterprise, start by launching a professional-looking website to represent your consulting business, and join social media outlets to promote it. The Internet provides a variety of software tools to assist with running a home-based business. Emails, whitepapers, web conferencing and video chatting are good ways to communicate advice and share ideas with clients online, but also make your consulting business accessible by old fashioned telephone. For anxious clients, telephone access could make all the difference in their choice of consulting companies.

Resources for online consultants:

Customer Service Representative

In a move to provide customer service management without a permanent staff, many businesses today are outsourcing CSM jobs to home-based workers. Large and small businesses will reward CSM representatives who can communicate in a professional and efficient manner. It takes a smart and reliable person to apply for such a position, and applicants will likely be required to complete a course in customer service.

Being a customer services representative from home requires a computer with high-speed Internet access, a landline telephone, and a quiet work area where you can answer consumer inquiries and complaints without interruption from family or other household distractions. Possible earnings are in the range of $8 per hour and up, depending on experience.

Resources for at-home customer service positions:


Don’t sell yourself short. Take charge of your future and start making money with your own unique personality, knowledge and advice. Assess the valuable traits you possess, consider the working conditions in your home and how much time you can commit, and resolve to use every resource available to get the job you deserve. Then you can confidently launch one of these home business ideas for smart people.

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