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by WorkFromHome on February 13, 2012

If you have the ability to grow a beautiful plant or create a flower arrangement, you have the ability to start a plant rental business. Many large corporations, doctor and law offices, churches and convention centers will pay to have plants and flower arrangements placed in their reception areas and cared for by an outside company. High-rise buildings and banks have beautiful reception areas that they want decorated with plants, but do not wish to care for themselves.

You can create a wonderful home based business by providing this service to these types of companies. You will be required to place and maintain the plants, change out fresh floral arrangements, and keep the lobby and reception areas looking beautiful

What You Will Need

You will need to have a place where you can cultivate the plants that you are using. This does not have to be in a professional greenhouse, it can be done in your back yard. You will need unusual and beautiful pots and vases for your arrangements. The great news is you can find these items at garage sales and second hand stores very cheap.

You will need to have pruning equipment and watering cans to take to the sites that you have placed the plants. You will also need a car that is big enough to transport the items.

Getting Started

Unless you purchase plants that are full grown, it may take some time to cultivate the plants that you are going to use. Many people will purchase full grown plants as well as young plants so that they can start right away and have some growing at home for additional customers.

You will need to acquire all the licenses and permits necessary in your area to do business. You will also need to apply for a tax number so that you can purchase items at wholesale cost for your business.
Make contact with local wholesalers, floral suppliers and greenhouses. They will be your best connection into the local industry. You can also approach local florists and offer your services on a freelance basis as you are establishing your business.
Once you have established a product and service line, you will need to create business cards and brochures to distribute to your potential clients. This is your first form of contact with your potential clients so it is wise to have them professionally printed.

Once you have accomplished all of these tasks, it will be time to market your services.


For this type of business you will need to market your company both directly and indirectly. Contacting potential clients directly will take some practice, but it is not as hard as you may think. It can be as simple as handing out your brochures, or scheduling a meeting with a business owner.

Attending business functions and community functions is also a great way to distribute information about your company. Each person that you meet is a potential customer. Make sure you are always friendly at these events, it will help people remember your company and your service.

Don’t forget about Internet advertising. Even if your business is just based in your community, having a presence on the Internet will give your business a perceived credibility. It is not unusual anymore for a person to check out a company that they intend to do business with online before they ever do business with them.

Make sure that you target your marketing efforts to businesses that would use your services. Wasting marketing time and money targeting too broad of a market will not bring the results you desire.

Remember Customer Service

Once you have established your clients, make sure that you take the time to service them properly. One of the biggest drawbacks to working from home is the ability to get sidetracked and not do your job. If you tell your clients that you show up three times a week to check the plants and change the arrangements, make sure that this happens. A satisfied customer will spread the word to other businesses, bringing you more business. However, a dis-satisfied customer will also spread the word, possibly damaging your business.

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