Go Green With A Eco-Friendly Home Business

by WorkFromHome on December 17, 2011

Becoming more environmentally friendly has become increasingly popular in both big cities and small towns as Americans across the country are continuing to search for ways to save money and save the environment. If you are one of the many environmentalists interested in spending time protecting the planet while also supporting your family financially, then there are many niche business ideas that you can explore. Whether it is a new twist on recycling or helping homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient, there are many exciting opportunities that you can grow into full time home based businesses.

Rethink How You Recycle

Sure, you could dump that pile of aluminum soda cans into your recycling bin, but what if you found a way to fashion the paper thin metal into funky buttons? Perhaps you can find a second life for the piles of plastic grocery bags, candy wrappers or plastic bottles that your family plows through each year. Every day textile manufacturers, clothing designers and engineers are finding new and exciting ways to recycle garbage into functional and fashionable new items.

Once you have designed your new product you can move on to selling it. The Internet has made it easy to launch new products, no matter how unknown you may be. You can even use the Internet to locate your suppliers, manufacturers and shipping channels as your new home based business begins to grow and expand. If you have created a craft product, consider selling it on one of the many website marketplaces aimed work at home based craft entrepreneurs. Of course, you can always launch your own e-commerce website.

Reduce Your Clients’ Carbon Footprint And Boost Your Bank Account

Americans have begun to take note of the dire warnings shared by scientists about the greenhouse effect, air quality and the environment. As a result, many homeowners and business owners are interested in finding ways to cut their carbon footprint. With tax incentives from both federal and state governments, you may even be able to help your clients find ways to afford their projects or expand them!

Check your state and local laws before starting to consult on increasing energy efficiency for your clients. You may need to become certified or register with a state authoritative body in order to offer your services. Even if you do not have to take an exam or a state mandated class, make sure that you have solid credentials. These include a background in architecture or engineering, as well as up to date knowledge on the latest technology being used to cut carbon emissions.

Track Green Technology With An Eco-Friendly Blog

Whether you are most interested in solar energy, the most non-toxic ways to clean your home or the best organic food in your city, there is a good chance that there are many others that share that interest. Starting a blog to catalog your best finds as you continue to comb the Internet, try out new organic food delivery services and attend seminars on do-it-yourself energy efficiency upgrades is a great way to make money online while still getting to spend time with your family and friends.

To make your eco-friendly blog a success make sure that you write well-written entries at least twice a week so that you can build up a regular audience of loyal readers. Consistently posting blog posts on the same niche topic will keep your readers coming back again and again for more of the same great content. If your blog is focused on trying out organic or vegetarian recipes or doing home improvement projects to cut your home energy costs or carbon footprint, then consider investing in a digital camera which will take high quality photographs. Photographs, as well as short videos, are excellent ways to show off your work. Long posts can bore readers and make them click off of your website before they finish reading your post, while pictures and videos will keep them engaged and inspired to read more.

As your readership grows, you can make larger amounts of money from selling advertising space. Affiliate marketing, which will let you make money from recommending different companies’ products through a link with a unique identifier that will track visits made through your blog, is another terrific strategy for environmentally friendly blog owners interested in trying out new kitchen gadgets, home products or other items. There are lots of new and exciting environmentally friendly products, like low emissions paint, solar powered cell phone chargers, bikini swimsuits made of fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles and even coreless bathroom tissue rolls. Your readers will value getting your perspective when they read your honest, well written and thoughtful reviews of these exciting products. Your bank account, of course, will enjoy the extra deposits that you will be able to make as you continue to write!

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