Getting Started with a Network Marketing Business Opportunity

by WorkFromHome on November 21, 2011

Network marketing is an occupation on the rise, with new opportunities arising every day. Relatedly, more and more Americans are choosing network marketing as a way to earn their annual salary working at home instead of working eight hours in a traditional office setting. Especially amid a backdrop of a struggling and stagnating economy, the allure of working for one’s self and determining one’s own income levels is especially attractive. But, there are many things to take into account when getting into this burgeoning field of sales opportunities and rewards.

Conduct a Thorough Amount of Research

All network marketing opportunities are not created equal, and it’s worth noting that there are quite a few dangerous scams to be found online when pursuing a legitimate job in the field of multi-level marketing. The internet age has introduced many Americans to the cruel realities of giving sensitive information to any and every website indiscriminately, so this probably shouldn’t need to be said. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting: some companies promising network marketing opportunities are simply shell companies looking to “skim” customer data, charge them a high fee, and not provide them with any real income.

Furthermore, a large number of multi-level marketing positions will state that they require a high initial fee — whether to secure products, put down a deposit on materials, or for other purposes. Be wary of companies that require extremely high up-front fees, as they are likely more interested in profiting off of your big ambitions than they are about providing you with the corollary income that accompanies such motivation. Many of these businesses do have up-front costs, but they shouldn’t be anything that is not manageable and easily paid off with your first paycheck.

Once you’ve found a company that is legitimate and isn’t out to merely charge you a high fee and skim your bank account information, it’s time to do research into their business practices and policies. This means looking at the fees they’ll charge over time, as well as how often they pay their network marketing representatives. You’ll also want to know how you get paid: via check, direct deposit, or even a Paypal transfer. And you’ll want to know what materials will be provided to you in order to help you maximize your earning potential, and whether or not these materials come at an extra fee.

Take the Business Online with a Personal Sales Page

The next step toward developing a successful network marketing business is to take the venture online. Many of the most prominent multi-level marketing companies will actually provide you with a user account on their own website, and that will include a subdomain where you can list products for sale. Each customer who buys through your unique storefront will generate a small commission for you, and you can count on that to supplement the income that you’re making in the offline sales world. And, because those sales are immediately billed and shipped, you can count on payment from them much sooner than sales which are paid for via check, money order, or even cash.

Another perk of selling online is that you can accept credit cards, whereas offline sales must often be completed using paper sources to transfer money — such as checks or money orders. So not only does online selling increase your income and speed up its inclusion in your next paycheck, it also opens a credit card processing option to customers who prefer plastic over paper. And the simple fact is that many customers will prefer to pay with their debit or credit cards over a slow-to-process paper check.

Begin Promoting Yourself Online and Off

The next step is to use the company’s promotional materials to promote your online and offline sales experience. This is relatively easy for online sellers, as many companies provide pre-made banner ads and text ads that highlight their best-selling products. Those banner ads will link directly to your own online store that resides as a subdomain on the parent company’s website. Each click may even be monetized by a company that keeps track of referrals and affiliate numbers.

In the offline world, you’ll have to send post cards and booklets to friends and family members that you feel would be interested in the product or service that you’re selling. This can be a bit of a dodgy process, as these promotional materials typically come at a premium. You’ll want to send them only to the people who you deem most likely to respond favorably and help you make or close a sale on the product. For everyone else, rely on word-of-mouth advertisement or consider posting updates to Facebook or Twitter that announce your new occupation and sales opportunity.

Repeat and Succeed

Once you’ve completed the process, repeat it over and over for each opportunity you wish to proceed. And begin finding your own sales force — they’ll boost your profits, increase your commission amounts, and help expand your reach beyond your own immediate town or region.

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