Fun Ways to Make Money from Home with your Own Business

by WorkFromHome on September 23, 2011

You hear about it on television, read about it in magazines, and dream of how wonderful it would be to make money from home by starting your own business. Every day, more and more people are saying goodbye to the nine-to-five workday and turning their skills and passions into profitable and lucrative home businesses. Contrary to popular belief, starting a successful home business does not require years of planning or tens of thousands of dollars in start-up costs. In fact, some of the most successful home businesses invested very little time and money into seeing their vision off the ground. Here are some fun ideas for making money with your own home business.

In-Home or Traveling Massage Therapist

If you are a licensed massage therapist or interested in healing and relaxing people, an in-home massage studio or traveling massage therapy business may be perfect for you. Most states have at least two or three colleges or adult education facilities that offer a comprehensive curriculum in massage therapy. Once the course is completed, you can apply for a massage therapy license in your state and immediately begin working. Offering your services in your own home and in the home of the customer affords you more opportunities to make money. Some clients are unable to travel; having access to a massage therapist in their home is ideal. For others with young children or pets in the home, having a small studio in your own home allows people that lead this lifestyle an opportunity to get away and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing massage. Your only investment costs pertain to ordering a good quality table, soft sheets, and creating an inviting space if you have a home studio. Most massage therapists earn about $50,000 or more per year. Contact a tax advisor to discuss possible deductions pertaining to your business. Everything from travel-related expenses to massage creams, oils, and lotions, sheets, and even your workspace can be deducted on your taxes.

To acquire clients, you would ideally create a website, take a free course on internet marketing that teaches you how to drive traffic to your website, order a stack of free or low-cost customized business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet or encounter, and post advertisements and flyers at college campuses, schools, grocery store bulletin boards, and online at classified ad websites. Initially, you could offer to give a free or low-cost massage to gain new clients. Once they see how professional and relaxing your massage is, you will have a customer for life.

Home Party Consultant

Have you ever been to a home party where you were able to see demonstrations and purchase jewelry, kitchen accessories, or makeup? Did you know that the host of that party generally receives anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more to host that party? If you are very sociable and love hosting gatherings in your home or would be willing to host parties in the homes of your friends, co-workers, family members, and acquaintances, you can have great success by starting a home party consultant business. Your only investment is for the initial start-up kit and samples of the products.

You can create a free website and purchase low-cost or free business cards to hand out to friends, co-workers, and people you meet in your community. Consultants work for well-established companies and demonstrate and sell the company’s products and/or services. It is always best to choose to represent a company that aligns with your passion. Consultants can sell candles, makeup, skincare, handbags, kitchen gadgets, cookware, storage containers, jewelry, food, chocolate, and wine, just to name a few. There is no shortage of companies or items to sell. A top consultant can earn well over six figures a year. There is no cap on your earnings and your potential for success is unlimited as a home party consultant.

Service-Based Industry

You don’t have to sell something or have a specific set of skills in order to have a successful home business. Many across the United States are finding success in their own communities by offering to walk dogs, babysit, pet sit, or organize closets or garages. Others offer a full-service laundry or dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off service, transportation service for those with limited mobility, and even personal assistant duties, running a variety of errands for the perpetually busy. Word-of-mouth advertising within your community is essential to the success of a service-based business.

Starting a home business should be fun. As with any start-up, there can be challenges that you will inevitably face, but if you choose to start a business that you are passionate about or one that aligns with your skills and interests, you will have great success and it will never feel like work.

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