Freelancing is the act of completing a task for money through various employment opportunities. In simpler words, a freelancer is someone who is paid to perform a specific job, without the complications of full employment.

Recent statistics released by the U.S. government show that nearly 10% of the workforce now works in some form of freelance position. The government expects this number to increase as the work force changes due to the recent economic conditions in the United States, and around the world.

Freelancing from home is not only a cost-effective way for people to start their own home based business; it is also cost-effective for businesses that need specialized projects completed.

What Types Of Jobs Can Be Done Freelance Style?

The Internet has allowed for rapid growth of the freelance industry. The Internet has created new opportunities such as content writers and web designers, as well as created a larger market for off-site or virtual assistants and consulting positions. The Internet has also made it possible for people wishing to freelance to have a world-wide marketplace to find positions. It is not unusual for someone in the U.S. to take a position with someone from the other side of the world. Some of the most common freelance positions include:

  • Virtual Assistant – A virtual assistant performs almost all of the same duties as an office assistant; they just perform them from home. These positions may include everything from performing follow up phone calls with clients to scheduling flights for the executive.
  • Writer – There are so many different types of freelance writing positions on the Internet that the possibilities are endless. You can work as a journalist, ghost writer, technical writer, content writer, blogger, product review submissions, and business writer. Each of these categories has several sub-categories, creating positions for every writing style.
  • Web and Graphic Design – Designers have a large marketplace in the freelance industry. All businesses need some form of graphic work, and most do not have in-house positions to complete this task.
  • Programming – If you understand the current computer languages you have a lucrative freelance career in your future. There is always a need for programmers and designers in the ever-changing information age.
  • Translation Services – If you are fluent in two or more languages there are ample opportunities on the Internet for these services. As the Internet makes the world a smaller place, the need for translation services grows. People promoting services or products want to reach larger markets and need to be able to promote them in native languages.
  • Marketing – A majority of the population no longer receives information about a new product or service in the form of television commercials. More time is spent on the Internet than in front of a television, and advertising agencies must comply with this trend to survive. They have turned to different marketing methods, such as affiliate marketing to promote their products. These services are all performed through freelance marketers that promote their product.
  • Legal Services – Many law offices will use freelance transcriptionists and paralegals to assist with cases. Law offices also use freelancers to convert old files to digital format to ease storage requirements.
  • Photographers – Photographers of all levels of experience will find that the Internet has opened many freelance opportunities. From content pictures to specific location shots, freelance photographers can make a decent living on the Internet.
  • Tour Guides – While the economy has made it more difficult for people to travel, the desire to take a vacation remains. This desire has opened up many opportunities for freelance tour guides. These tour guides create localized and personal travel experiences that allow the visitor to experience the best of that area on a budget. This has become a very popular freelance position in the last few years.
  • Consulting – Freelance consulting is exploding with the help of the Internet. Now, people from all over can communicate about specific projects via teleconferencing and email communications. Consulting can be done on everything from interior design to eco-friendly construction.
  • Video and Music Editing – This is the digital age, and with that age comes the ability to restore music and video from the past as well as create new things for the future. Many freelancers that have the ability to mix and create music and video in this fashion find that there are more jobs available than time in the day.

This is just a sampling of the many different positions that can be done as a freelancer. There really is no limit to the type of work that can be done in this manner. Freelancers can either advertise their services or find work on the many freelance job boards that are on the Internet. As the economy continues to change the need for freelancers that work from home will increase.

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