Freelance Writing Moms And The Children That Need Them

by WorkFromHome on November 26, 2011

When you work as a freelance writer and are also a work-at-home mom, it is inevitable that the minute your creativity strikes and you are ready to write, your children need your attention. It is similar to answering the phone. You may not of heard a peep out of your children for an hour, but when the phone rings they are right there calling your name and needing your attention.

The same happens for writers. The minute that you become comfortable in front of the keyboard, a child will cry or need you for something. They will stand beside you asking questions or demanding to know what you are writing about. After many minutes of sheer frustration you, like any good mother, will leave the keyboard and attend your children. This, however, does not pay the bills.

Learning When It Is Time To Write And Time To Play

To work as a successful freelance writer without giving up on being a great parent, you need to learn how to adjust your creativity.

  • Work during nap times and play dates. Usually moms will perform household tasks during this time. You can easily do household chores when your children are tagging along. Writing, on the other hand, is much harder to do when someone is talking.
  • Establish a bedtime and work at night. Established bedtimes are not only good for helping your child get into a routine; it will help you work from home with ease.
  • Give your child a toy lap top and let them work next to you. Children want to feel important. Set up a “work” space for your child so they can work next to you.
  • Take time to play. You wanted to work from home so you could raise your child, so make that your priority. If you children get enough attention, they will let you work when necessary.

Setting Up A Home Office

For moms that have older children at home, one of the best ways to be free of too many distractions is to have an office. Children know that when mom is in her office that she is not to be disturbed. While this may seem a little harsh, it is a good way to gain control of your family and your career.


One thing a work-from-home mom should always remember is to accept assignments with good deadlines. When you have children at home you will always ruin the risk of something important coming up that you must attend. Accepting jobs with quick deadlines will cause stress to you and your family. Always judge a job by the amount of time it takes to complete and then by the amount that it pays.

Relying On Family And Friends

Sometimes a deadline is looming and the only way to meet it is to work through the night. It is a part of being a writer that no one likes, but it is still a reality. When this type of situation happens, turn to family and friends for some help with the children.

Yes, you took this type of position to stay at home and care for your children, but every mom must look for help when necessary. This will not take away from who you are, or what you do. It is a way to care for your children and care for your career simultaneously.

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