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Freelance writing can be a very profitable home based business. The Internet has created a never-ending need for content writers, and many businesses looking for a way to reduce office costs, use freelance writers to compose everything from business letters to technical manuals.

The best place to find online writing jobs is on a freelance job board. These job boards offer many different job opportunities in a variety of writing styles. Freelance writers are not limited to finding work on these job boards; they can market their services to the public on and off line.

Starting Out As A Freelance Writer

Once the decision has been made to become a freelance writer, you will need to decide what type of writing projects you wish to pursue. Always look for projects that utilize your strongest skills. This will help you establish a good reputation in the online business community and help you create a niche business.

Some of the different writing styles would include:

  • Internet content writing. There are specific rules for writing material for websites that you must be familiar with for success.
  • Blog writing. Blog writing, while similar to content writing, has its own unique style.
  • Article writing. This type of writing is most often used for marketing. You need to be able to “sell” an idea or product without sounding like you are selling.
  • Technical writing. Every electronic, gadget, and thing-a-ma-do requires a technical manual to accompany it. Technical writing is a very specialized form of writing that not everyone can do. Those who can, however, will find that tech writing is the highest paying freelance writing work on the Internet.
  • Resume/Cover Letter writers. Many work from home professionals create a lucrative online writing business by producing professional resumes. With high unemployment numbers continuing, this service is in much need.
  • Business reports. Many CEO’s have great ideas and can compile paperwork to support those ideas, but have no ability to make a presentable business report.
  • School reports. There are countless requests on freelance job boards for freelance writers to compose quality school reports from notes.
  • Ghostwriting. Many people have a great story to tell, but the inability to write. Ghostwriting positions are a little harder to find, but pay extremely well.

This list is not complete. The styles and requirements are endless, which is why it is so important to develop a niche.

What Is A Niche Market For Online Writing Jobs?

A niche is just another word for a specialty. Giving yourself a specialty will enable you to attract specific clients, master that writing style, and narrow your bidding process on the freelance boards. The great news for freelance writing jobs is that there can be more than one person specializing in a specific area of writing. The Internet provides you with a multitude of possible clients from all areas of the world.

Once you have established your niche, make sure you create a personal website to promote that niche. Drive traffic to your site through the various marketing methods available on the web. Participate on blogs that are geared toward online writers. Your active part in this community will provide you with priceless knowledge and great job leads.

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