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by WorkFromHome on November 16, 2011

There is a huge demand for content writers in today’s online market. Writers are needed to produce content on all sorts of different topics from technical subjects to opinion pieces. Because the demand for writers is so high, it’s an excellent opportunity for people who are looking to make money online. Before you jump right in and start writing, you’re going to want to prepare yourself first. Our goal here is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make sure that you get the most out of your writing experience.

The Requirements

You’re going to need a few things to make this writing gig work. First, you’re going to need regular access to an Internet connection and a computer. Second, you’re going to need to have a good grasp of the English language, including both grammar and spelling. While it’s true that many programs can catch common grammatical and spelling errors, they cannot catch them all, and if you cannot write content that is of an acceptable quality, then you’ll quickly be given a bad reputation. If you have the computer ready and a good command of English, then you’ll have a good chance to make money writing articles online.

Promoting Yourself

Anything positive about you is a potential selling point, so you should really try to promote as many good things about yourself as possible. The current writing market is oversaturated with people who have sub-par writing skills and charge very little. To make writing worth your time, you’ve got to make yourself stand out from all of the virtual content mills by providing a level of quality and service that your competition can’t contend with. To do this, cultivate a reputation for meeting deadlines and working with your clients while showcasing your writing and whether or not you are a native English speaker.

Deciding on a Rate

One of the problems that everyone who works from home runs into is deciding how much to charge for a service. The standard for content writing is to base your price on an amount of money per word. People who have a poor understanding of the English language can easily get work for $0.01/word at message boards for Internet marketers, and rates extend up to $0.05/word and above. Examine the market and make the best decision you can. Remember that you can always change your rate if you have to.

The Writing Process

Once you’ve set up shop and have some clients, it’s time to start the actual writing process. In general, we suggest that you start by making a rough outline or series of points that you’d like to make in the article. This should be done along with any research that you need to do on the subject matter. Next, you’ll want to write your initial draft of the article while trying to keep a focus on the list of points you decided on with your outline. Finally, proofread everything that you write at least once and run it through a spell checking script after you have finished proofreading.

Expanding Your Writing Empire

If you are continuously trying to acquire new clients, you’ll eventually reach a point where you aren’t able to take on any more work. At this point, you’ll want to start to look into arbitrage as a way to enhance your earnings. The way writing arbitrage works is that you have other people from your “writing team” do the actual writing process while you act as an editor. You pay your writers some percentage less than what the client pays you for the work, and this is how you turn a profit. The point of this is that you’re able to continue to expand and make more money without needing more hours in the day.

In Summary

Freelance writing is an excellent opportunity to make some money on the Internet and to work from home. If you have the proper command of the English language, your success ultimately depends on how much time you want to spend working and how motivated you are to keep expanding. Once you get big enough, you’ll need to bring in some other writers under your wing to continue growing and making more money.

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