Five Business Ideas for the Stay-at-Home Mom Who Still Wishes to Work

by WorkFromHome on November 10, 2011

Recent economic woes have reduced the ability of many mothers to stay at home with their young children while their spouse earns the primary — and often only — income for the household. The combination of rising prices and stagnating wages has made this an unrealistic option for a large number of people. In order to combat this harsh economic reality and get the best of both words — staying at home while assisting with the home’s income — many stay at home moms are pursuing home-based businesses that function exclusively over the internet, or at least mostly electronically.

This allows the average stay at home mom to work at home and still make a respectable part-time salary while also caring for their young children during the most important, formative years of their early lives. And it’s the surest way of tackling growing economic concerns without adding a daycare budget into an already tight list of home expense. These are some of the best ways for stay at home moms to earn a great income from the comfort of a home office environment.

  1. Freelance Writing
    There is perhaps no faster-growing online occupation than freelance writing. Its recent and rapid growth is due largely in part to Google’s tightening standards for content creators and search engine optimization. The search engine now requires websites to have rich, spam-free content that is informative and instructional, rather than simply a series of keywords. In fact, those websites who host what is known as “keyword spam” will actually suffer in the page rankings that Google is so well-known for.

    Freelance writing careers offer earning opportunities based on skill, and the number of websites which cater to freelance writers is growing by the day. Best of all, it can be done on a per-article basis and does not require a set number of working hours every day. Simply complete articles as time permits and earn secondary income accordingly.

  2. Internet Marketing Services
    If you’re skilled in things like managing social networks, promoting ideas or brands via blogs and other electronic means, and optimizing websites for search engines, this may be the best way to earn extra income on a monthly basis. Online marketing is a rapidly growing field that is in increasing demand around the world as more and more people get online. Websites need someone who can help them spread their message to all corners of the globe, and they’re looking for people that will work on a per-task, or per-website basis.

    This is a perfect arrangement for stay at home moms who typically cannot commit a certain part of their day, or a certain number of hours, to their part-time employment pursuits. And it’s a skill which can be easily learned by anyone who is a bit rusty on their marketing, online promotion, or social networking skills.

  3. Web and Graphic Design
    If you’ve got a solid working knowledge of CSS, XHTML, and graphic design tools like Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator applications, then it’s time to start monetizing those skills. Web design is a fast-growing occupation that always offers new opportunities for work. Companies are always redesigning their online presence, and creating new ones for devices like smartphones and tablet computing devices. Best of all, most of these jobs are available on a freelance basis that pays per website, per graphic produced, or a combination of both. That means stay at home moms can commit to only the tasks which their already-tight schedules afford them.

    An added bonus is that web and graphic design services are among the best-paying online professions. There is a high premium to paid for a good web designer or graphic design specialist, and businesses who value their broader image are willing to pay that price in order to secure an excellent designer.

  4. Customer Service Representative
    Are you a skilled phone talker? Do you have a natural friendly demeanor? If so, it’s time to put those skills to use and start taking customer service calls on behalf of corporations who prefer to outsource those calls to freelancer. You’ll be paid on a per-call basis, and given incentives for customer satisfaction or for sales made (in some instances). And it’s worth noting that these customer service freelance positions allow the average stay at home mom to speak with someone other than their young child or the fellow moms in the neighborhood — and that just might mean a bit more sanity for those moms who sometimes need a break from the daily routine they’ve established.

Plenty of Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

These are just some of the best business opportunities for those who wish to stay home with their children, but they’re certainly not the only ones. With a fair amount of researching and prioritizing, it’s easy to find a way to earn extra income while also providing the care and nurturing that children require from their parents.

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