Finding Real Online Data Entry Job Opportunities

by WorkFromHome on October 9, 2011

A quick search for “data entry jobs” in any search engine will generate millions of different results. You will find advertisements from data entry operators looking for work, scam artists posing as data entry businesses, jobs for virtual assistants and, somewhere in the plethora of links, some legitimate data entry job opportunities. To successfully find the real data entry work instead of getting stuck spending time on the scam artists you will need to find out how to know if a job offer is real or not.

There Are Real Online Data Entry Job Opportunities

The first question that many at home workers want answered is whether they can really work from home doing data entry work. The answer is that yes, you can. There are, in fact, several large corporations throughout the world that hire data entry operators either directly or through agencies to assist them with combining information from several locations, such as various documents, into a single location.

Finding these jobs requires more than a simple search on a search engine. Your best bet for finding data entry work online is to do so through online job providers, which allow you to search for both full time and part time jobs with a number of different employers. Remember, though, that while these companies are advertising with an online jobs clearinghouse, there is still a chance that a listing could be a scam artist’s listing. Read the terms of a job description and any subsequent agreement carefully to make sure that you fully understand the implications of doing work with the company. Staying cautious is your best protection against being taken advantage of by scam artists, so do not let down your guard!

Telecommute To Local Data Entry Jobs

Just like businesses located across the country or even the world need data entry work performed for them, so too do local businesses. In particular, billing data entry work for medical clinics, hospitals, doctors offices, accounting firms, lawyers’ offices and other service providers can be very lucrative. In addition to being able to type quickly and accurately you may also need to take a class or two at your local adult school or community college before you are qualified to be hired for this work.

If you do not see any job listings which appeal to you in your local newspaper or online job listings then consider taking out an advertisement of your own. Showcase your skills as a data entry operator and emphasize your interest in working from home. Many small businesses prefer someone who telecommutes because they will not add to their overhead costs. In fact, the smallest medical and law offices may not even consider hiring someone who would have to take up their already limited office space!

Remember Who Should Be Paying Who

Searching for data entry work, just like searching for any other job, can take a little bit of time. Do not let your impatience get in the way of your better judgment. Scam artists prey on data entry operators’ eagerness to get to work. A popular scam is to try to get you to pay the the supposed employer a monthly fee for access to “enough data entry to make you millions.” Remember, a real employer will pay you for the work that you are doing for him or her.

As the data entry operator, you should never be asked to pay your employer for any reason. This includes requests for payment for “auditions,” which is another popular scam run on unsuspecting data entry operators searching for work online. You also should not buy a “kit” of “data entry equipment” from anyone. As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet so that you can continue to search for work, then you do not need any further equipment until you have secured your employment. At that time, and only at that time, you may need to expand your home office furnishings and equipment to include items like a fax machine, dedicated phone line and scanner.

Keep Your Personal Information Personal

If you were in an office you would not post your bank account number and routing information on your cubicle wall, so why would you hand out that same confidential information to anyone who asks you to send it to them online? A legitimate employer should offer you a number of ways to pay you online, including by check or through a fraud protected online payment service. Whichever option you choose, it should not be one that requires you to trust someone that you have never met before. If a business insists that they cannot pay you any other way then it is wise to assume that it is not a real job offer and move on to other data entry job opportunities.

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