Enjoy The Seasons & Holiday Cash With A Holiday Decorating Business

by WorkFromHome on December 9, 2011

If you find yourself wondering whether you can justify decorating your home office, bathroom or even the pantry for the holidays, gleefully smiling at displays of twinkle lights months ahead of Christmas and redesigning your home’s Christmas decor each year, then you may be able to turn all of that holiday cheer into a profitable home based business decorating others’ homes during the holidays. While many other Americans may not have the time or artistic vision to design a holiday decorating scheme, they will pay handsomely for your time and efforts in making their homes ready inside and out for the holidays.

Holiday Decorating Means A Seasonal Business You Can Ease Into

If you are only now just starting to consider returning to work after spending time as a stay at home parent or full time caregiver, or perhaps you are a student in need of some extra money before the holidays but without the time to launch a full time business, then this is a terrific entry point. The holidays only come around once a year, so this seasonal business’s busy time is well defined. Of course, if you already have a seasonal business during another time of the year, like landscape design in the summer, this can be a terrific way to supplement that income.

Decorating for the holidays has a huge visual effect, thanks to the huge evergreen trees, flickering twinkle lights and rainbow of ornaments that you will use to decorate your clients’ homes and offices, but it does not have huge start up costs. Since every client is unique, you do not have to keep inventory. Instead, you will use your clients’ existing decorations or work with them on a budget for additional purchases of the items necessary for the work that you will be doing for them. You also do not have to spend money on going back to school to get a degree or becoming certified in order to launch your new business.

Holiday Decorating Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Professional holiday decorating requires either magic or a great deal of physical labor. Unless you are truly an elf, you need to consider whether you are really in the physical shape necessary to safely climb on roofs and ladders to hang strings of lights, wreaths and other decorations. Depending on where in the United States you are living and working, you may be doing much of your outdoor decorating in cold temperatures.

Hanging decorations on your own home at your leisure is a lot different from efficiently decorating a client’s home or office for the holidays, so be honest with yourself when assessing whether you are really up for the challenge. If you find that you need some extra help during the holiday season, though, having a cadre of back up elves to support you when you have several homes to decorate or if you fall ill is an essential part of keeping your clients happy.

A Happy Client Is A Long Term Client

As long as your clients are happy, you can expect them to contract with you for holiday decorating year after year. Sending a note to them in advance of the holidays reminding them to reserve your time to decorate their homes or office is all you need to do to get their business. Keeping your clients happy is paramount, since your decorating can have a huge positive or negative impact on their holiday season. Thrill them with ingenious designs, clever color schemes and unique decorations that win them countless congratulations and sighs of envy from the neighbors and you will have guaranteed income for next holiday season. Of course, being charming, efficient and pleasant to work with is also important!

Have a job go badly though, because you failed to listen to their preferences, short circuited their electrical system with too many luminaries or failed to show up to a client consultation and you may have lost that income next year and every year after. Knocking over the client’s vase or misinterpreting his or her instructions does not have to be a death knell for your career. Never underestimate the potential of a heartfelt apology.

Depending on how large the blooper was, you may want to consider underlining your commitment to customer service and satisfaction with a small discount, or, since you are in the business of decorating for the holidays, a few free extra holiday decorations. Use your discretion and let your instincts guide you to make any wrongs right before you complete your holiday decorating, so that the client is always left with a positive impression of both you as a home based business owner and of your work.

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