Data Entry Jobs From Home

One of the most desired Internet positions is data entry jobs from home. This position requires only a little computer experience and in most cases, little experience. It is the perfect position for stay at home moms who need to work around a hectic schedule.

You can find data entry jobs from home positions as wither an off-site employee or as a freelancer. Freelancing positions are more abundant; however, there are plenty of companies that are willing to hire telecommuters to perform these services.

Where To Find Telecommuting Positions For Data Entry

Finding telecommuting positions are not as difficult as you may think. Businesses suffering from the economic slowdown are looking for ways to reduce business expenses without cutting their services. The perfect option is to hire home based employees to perform specific duties and reduce the expenses of maintaining an office.

There are 3 steps to finding these types of positions, they are:

  1. Begin your search online. With a prepared resume ready, you should begin your search on the various job posting sites. Many employers now advertise these positions online through job recruitment sites.
  2. Once you have completed your search on these sites, start visiting sites of major corporations. These sites will have online HR departments. Submit your resume, even if there are no positions available. They are required to keep that resume for a specific period of time. Hopefully within that time frame a position will open.
  3. Visit local businesses and distribute your resume. Many local businesses would love to have this type of position in their company, but do not have the access to people who would perform the work. It is amazing how easy it is to find employment of this nature right in your own neighborhood.

You should never pay anyone to “find” you this type of position. Legitimate data entry positions are posted in the above manner and are treated just like any other type of employment. You will be required to undergo an interview and there is no cost to you to become hired. Any company requesting that you pay for an opportunity to work at home as a data entry operator is a scam.

Where To Find Data Entry Positions As A Freelancer

When you work as a freelancer you are simply performing a job without the restraints of employment. Once you have completed a project, you move on to the next job. It is a great way to gain experience, and it is an interesting way to earn of living. You can work for people around the world in the comfort of your own home.

The 3 ways to find freelance employment are:

  1. Join freelance job sites. These sites are dedicated specifically to the freelance profession. You can bid on jobs from around the world, and of any size. Most sites have a small membership fee, this is common. The fee is worth the service because jobs are screened and you know that you are bidding on legitimate work. You should join several sites so you can bid on a large selection of jobs.
  2. Join freelance forums. These forums are a great way to meet other people in your profession. They are also the perfect way to learn about jobs before they are made public. Interacting on these forums will help you learn about the latest trends and different tricks of the trade.
  3. Local businesses. Much like finding employment in your area, many businesses will have a large data entry project that they have sitting on hold because they do not want to use their current employees to complete the task due to time constraints. You will be amazed at how many offices will gladly hire a freelance data entry operator to complete these tasks.

Trade Secrets

When you are looking for data entry work online, it is important that you remember that these positions pay very similar to office based positions. You should not expect to make thousands of dollars in a few hours like many advertisements claim on the Internet. If a claim sounds too good to be true, it is most likely a scam. Expect to make very close to the same amount as you would in an office, maybe a little more, and be pleased with all of the money you save by working from your home.