Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are highly coveted positions for people that wish to work from home. Work from home data entry can be performed by anyone with the right equipment, and does not necessarily require experience. Home based workers can work as off-site employees or can branch out and work as freelancers in this field, broadening the opportunities. Because data entry covers so many different job descriptions, individuals interested in this type of work can easily find something that meets their needs.

Home Based Employee Or Freelance?

Home based employees are employees that have all the same job duties of an office based worker, but perform their duties from home. These employees are required to work specific office hours, fill out time sheets, and perform duties given to them by management. Many of these positions include the same benefits as office based employment such as paid holidays and vacation time.

Freelance data entry jobs are a form of self-employment. Freelance work will require you to bid on jobs and complete the tasks in a given period of time. Because you are self-employed, you are responsible for your own taxes, and any time you take off from work directly affects your paycheck. However, you have the freedom to decide on the types of jobs you accept and the hours you work.

What Do You Need For Data Entry Jobs From Home?

You will need the following equipment to actively work in data entry from home:

  • Modern computer with high speed Internet
  • Current word processing, database, and presentation software
  • Fax machine
  • CD/DVD burner
  • Dedicated phone, cell or land line, for your work
  • Personal website describing your services if you are working as a freelancer
  • Current resume if you wish to apply as an off-site employee
  • Business cards

Where To Look For Data Entry Work From Home Opportunities

The Internet is your best option to find work from home data entry positions. Companies searching for employees in this field are using job sites more to find telecommuters. In the past, these jobs were almost always word-of-mouth.

When you apply for a position with a company, you should expect to go through an interview process just like an office based job. You will be required to submit a resume, and there will be an interview.

Freelance workers will need to join the many freelance sites that are on the Internet. These sites will allow you to bid on jobs in the many different fields of data entry. It is a good idea to join several sites to have access to largest amount of opportunities.

Social networking is also very important when you are a freelancer. Joining forums and becoming active on these forums will help you network with people in your field. This often leads to job opportunities that have not even been made public.

As with any online opportunity, there is always the risk of scams. Scam artists know that many people desire to work from home, and take advantage of that knowledge. You should never sign up top “work” for a site that requests that you pay money to get hired or make a purchase. You should never pay for a list of companies that are hiring; the information is on the Internet for free. As a last word of warning, you should never accept work from a company that is listed on a sub-domain, or uses web based email as their point-of-contact.

What Should You Expect For Pay?

Work at home data entry will pay the same, or a little higher than the comparable office job. While it is possible for some freelancers to land a high paying job every now and then, you should expect to make close to what office personnel make for the same position.

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